Venezuelan president stresses military unity after failed coup attempt

Venezuelan president stresses military unity after failed coup attempt

Venezuelan president stresses military unity after failed coup attempt

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday called on his military to be "ready" against a US military offensive. "I trust you, but keep your eyes open; a handful of traitors can not tarnish the honor, the unity, the cohesion and the image of the armed forces", the president said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged his troops Saturday to be "ready" for potential USA military action, as backers of opposition leader Juan Guaido marched on barracks in a new bid to win the armed forces' support.

Seven Venezuelan military officers were killed on Saturday when their helicopter crashed outside Caracas, President Nicolas Maduro said. But it said in its joint statement that it rejected any attempt to assassinate Colombian President Ivan Duque or undermine regional security.

Guaido, the head of the opposition-run National Assembly, has been recognized as the South American country's legitimate leader by more than 50 countries, including Canada, the United States and Spain.

She has been critical of the Trump administration's efforts to force Maduro out of office. This was another setback for Guaido following a failed military uprising earlier in the week.

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Guaido's plan remains to continue to reach out to Maduro loyalists, combined with worldwide pressure and street protests, he told the Post.

Guaido has called on his supporters to march to military barracks and bases on Saturday in a bid to persuade the army to change sides.

While Maduro is struggling to hold onto power, it is anything but clear when or if he might step down. Despite President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreeing that they "feel the same way" on Venezuela following a phone call on Friday, talk of military action has not abated.

Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader, who retains the support of Russia, Cuba and China, calls Guaido a US -backed puppet seeking to orchestrate a coup against him.

The United States is insisting Maduro's days are numbered, but experts say its options for breaking the stalemate are limited, and that Washington may have overestimated the opposition leader's strength. It's very clear, we want the Russians out, we want the Iranians out, we want the Cubans out.

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