Burger King's Meatless 'Impossible Whopper' Set to Roll Out Nationwide

Burger King's Meatless 'Impossible Whopper' Set to Roll Out Nationwide

Burger King's Meatless 'Impossible Whopper' Set to Roll Out Nationwide

This move by Burger King represents the rapidly growing popularity and profitability of the meatless burger movement. They will only be available at select Burger King locations in Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City and Austin, Texas. Because of its resounding success, Burger King's parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. chose to roll out the Impossible Whopper in more branches across the United States. Less than a month ago, Burger King tentatively joined the list of fast-food places offering meatless options.

President of Burger King North America, Chris Finazzo says they want to, "give somebody who wants to eat a burger every day, but doesn't necessarily want to eat beef everyday, permission to come into the restaurants more frequently".

"A natural extension of encouraging people to "be their way" is encouraging them to 'feel their way.' With the pervasive nature of social media, there is so much pressure to appear happy and ideal", the chain said in the press release. It's also halal and kosher-certified. They announced they'd be testing a whopper with a vegan patty from Impossible Foods.

"It's really hard to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the first Whopper", he explained.

"Their approach to creative PR made them the ideal choice for Burger King".

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Impossible Foods has previously collaborated with other fast food joints, including White Castle, to produce vegan items for the menu.

According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, public interest in plant-based protein has been increasing each year.

According to a CNN Business article, the global market for meat substitutes will grow to $6.4 billion by 2023. It was created in connection with Impossible Foods, which creates plant-based meat for vegan products.

That fact is an added appeal to environmentalists and vegetarians alike. Eventually, the market could reach $35 billion in the United States, according to Impossible Foods' competitor, Beyond Meat. "It's as juicy, craveable and delicious as the original", the company said in a statement.

Impossible Foods, the company behind the widely popular Impossible Burger, is reportedly having trouble keeping up with burgeoning demand for its products.

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