Kenney's premiership poses challenges, opportunity for Trudeau, Scheer

Kenney's premiership poses challenges, opportunity for Trudeau, Scheer

Kenney's premiership poses challenges, opportunity for Trudeau, Scheer

"Alberta is open for business!"

That was well ahead of the 235,000 who came out early in the 2015 election that saw Rachel Notley's NDP deliver a surprise to the 44-year run of the Progressive Conservatives.

Several former NDP cabinet ministers have gone down in defeat in the Alberta provincial election.

Mr Kenney's rival for the top job in Alberta was the NDP's Rachel Notley.

David Taras, a political science professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, said Kenney was able to pick up on the grievances of Albertans over the past few years, especially concerns about the failing economy, and becoming a symbol of change.

"It has been an honour to serve as your premier and it will be an honour to serve as the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition". She promised her government would ensure the transition of power was "smooth and productive". We all do. We must.

Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney says he is ready to enact the so-called "turn off the taps" legislation that would allow Alberta to restrict how much energy leaves the province, and potentially send gas prices in B.C. soaring.

His targets also included the federal government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Notley's perceived alliance the Liberal government in Ottawa, which he blamed for abandoned and moribund development in Alberta's energy infrastructure.

While both premiers are talking about common ground, Kenney continued to talk tough, alluding to other potential consequences for what he called a campaign of obstruction.

"Hopefully today we'll have another partner with my good friend Jason Kenney", he said.

But the election wasn't about fighting climate change and reducing emissions.

The gradual disappearance of women from the ranks of Canada's premiers raises questions about society's willingness to embrace true equality, former female leaders and political pundits said.

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His campaign culminated in victory on April 16, with his party picking up 38 seats to form a 63-seat majority government.

"What is it that happens to women in political leadership that makes it more hard for people to see them continuing there?"

The 28-day campaign had been characterized as nasty and full of attacks between the two party leaders, who fought to convince Alberta they could improve the province's economy.

Nearly 700,000 people voted early in advance polls.

But numerous pipeline problems originate outside of Alberta's borders.

The province, once a money-making dynamo thanks to sky-high oil prices, has been struggling for years with sluggish returns on royalties, reduced drilling activity and higher unemployment levels.

And this for Ottawa: "We have a federal government that has made this bad situation worse".

Well-known as a pro-life and pr0-family advocate during his nearly two decades in federal politics, the Catholic Kenney has increasingly distanced himself from his those positions, and did so strongly during the election campaign. A number of his candidates have either quit or apologized for past comments that were anti-LGBTQ, anti-Islamic or sympathetic to white nationalism.

"He won his seat, I'm not aware of any accusations against Peter, so this is a gentleman who was elected to the legislature last night", Kenney said when asked about Singh's win in the Calgary-East riding.

He was chosen as the new party's leader in the fall of 2017, and became a member of the legislature when he won a byelection in Calgary-Lougheed that December.

"Ontario has another strong partner that will fight for Canadian families against the job-killing federal carbon tax!"

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