Beep beep! Respawn vans are pulling up in Fortnite

Beep beep! Respawn vans are pulling up in Fortnite

Beep beep! Respawn vans are pulling up in Fortnite

On Fortnite, players pick up a Reboot Card that's dropped after the player has been eliminated. What's more, the van makes a noise and projects a beacon into the sky that lets nearby enemies know a reboot is in progress. Following months of rumors surrounding respawn-enabling vehicles, Epic Games has finally detailed the new Reboot Vans in its latest Dev Update, hosted by the banana-suited community manager Nathan Mooney. Epic has confirmed that Reboot Vans are shipping with the next update, which is likely coming early next week.

When will the reboot van arrive?

To bring your friends or team mates back to life, you would require a device called the Reboot card. Allowing players to revive their fallen squad mates, the Reboot Van will be a game changer in Squad and Duos. With the help of the reboot card, you would be able to revive the teammate who had dropped the reboot card in the first place after being eliminated.

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The van will be have an as-yet unspecified cooldown period.

Several of these vans are at different positions on the map. Once you turn in a card, all opposing players will be alerted via visual and audio cues that a respawn has begun. Epic Games is promising a $US40 million prize pool for the event, but competitive game modes use slightly different rulesets than standard battle royale matches.

Epic will nearly certainly get some criticism for ripping another feature from a rival game. At the very least, it would appear Reboot Vans have been in the works at Epic since shortly after the launch of Apex Legends. Adding more fuel to the fire, additional data strings were featured in the 8.20 Content Update on Tuesday.

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