Experts warn US-Mexico border closure would close auto industry

Experts warn US-Mexico border closure would close auto industry

Experts warn US-Mexico border closure would close auto industry

During a speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual spring dinner Tuesday evening, Trump claimed Mexico was cooperating in apprehending migrants at the border.

Nielsen is expected to head to the southern border on Wednesday, the official said.

Trump has also been told by some advisers that it would be extremely hard to operationally shut down the border, but he has told them to move forward with looking at ways to achieve the feat.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that "we're at a breaking point", and Democrats have "left the president absolutely no choice".

The United States gets almost 90% of its avocado imports from Mexico, and one of America's biggest suppliers, Mission Produce, has warned that the U.S. could run out of the trendy toast-topper in just three weeks.

"It's something that I'm sure we'll be looking into and studying", Kevin Hassett, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, told reporters Monday when asked about the potential impact of a closed border.

"He's hoping that Mexico will continue to step up, like we've seen them do over the last couple of weeks", Sanders said. He also said that he might only close "large sections of the border" and "not all of it".

Trump nevertheless returned last week to the Mexico-bashing of his 2016 election campaign, tweeting that the United States's southern neighbors "just take our money and "talk" and threatening to close the border.

MI auto plants could be some of the biggest casualties if the President's threat to shutdown the US-Mexican border comes to fruition.

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Trump has threatened to close the border with Mexico as soon as this week due to the recent surge in migrants coming to the United States from Central America, although he has mused about the possibility of closing down the border for months.

Wait times at the border crossing at Brownsville, Texas, reached 180 minutes Monday, twice the peak a year ago, officials said.

Zhao Hai, Research Fellow at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, "Trump is making a political stand...he is now more emboldened than ever, and particularly now it's already in the early stage of the 2020 presidential campaign".

Trump has used a similar approach before with trade negotiations and even in the run-up to the government shutdown a year ago.

His call was backed by the Chamber of Commerce, which said in a statement that while it backed immigration reform, closing the border "would inflict severe economic harm on American families, workers, farmers and manufacturers across the United States".

The National Association of Manufacturers said US farmers, manufacturers and other businesses would lose $726 million per day for every day the border is closed. According to Dziczek, roughly 70 per cent of the wiring harnesses used in US -built vehicles come from Mexico. But Trump has so far refused to back down. That includes the speeding up of the surge of at least 750 officers to assist US Border Patrol along areas of the southern border and the immediate expansion of the department's policy of returning asylum-seekers to Mexico.

A typical vehicle is assembled from 30,000 parts and Mexico is the largest source of foreign components for USA manufacturers, who have geared their production to lean inventories and just-in-time delivery.

Five new pork packing plants opened in the last few years, only to have export markets contract because of the trade wars, Monroe said.

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