Graham derides Dems' 'Oliver Stone approach' to Mueller report

Graham derides Dems' 'Oliver Stone approach' to Mueller report

Graham derides Dems' 'Oliver Stone approach' to Mueller report

But lawmakers say what they really want is documentation of everything - and an idea of how that evidence guided Mueller's conclusions. "Show us the report", she said, dismissing Barr's earlier written report to the White House on presidential power as a "job interview".

Barr quoted just 65 words from the Mueller report in the summary, although he described some material the prosecutor had collected. Each move was widely interpreted as a signal to other potential cooperating witnesses in the Mueller probe that they could also be rewarded with a pardon if they stayed loyal to the president.

The Democratic chairmen of six House committees have demanded that Barr release the Mueller report to Congress by Tuesday. "We should investigate who the liars were", Mr. Paul said.

"It will be a product of negotiation", Schiff said.

But at her weekly media briefing, Pelosi expressed confidence in Schiff and took a shot at the previous chairman, Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California.

Nadler asked if Barr would release a report to Congress without redactions.

As part of his investigation, Mueller charged 34 people, including Manafort, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and three Russian companies. For a year and a half, he was just lying. In total, five Trump aides pleaded guilty and a sixth, Stone, is awaiting trial on charges that he lied to Congress and engaged in witness tampering.

Since Attorney General William Barr's summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's report concluded the Trump campaign did not conspire with the Russian government in the 2016 election, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been under fire from Republicans for continuing to cite evidence of collusion. Barr, however, declared that he would not prosecute the president for obstruction based on the evidence he saw in the Mueller report. Perhaps they'll push the limits even further (the extent of Trump's behavior is, as yet, unknown to the public). The law authorizing the independent counsel was allowed to lapse after that and Mueller, as a special counsel, conducted his work under the Justice Department.

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"Witch hunt" was a term used repeatedly by Trump to deride Mueller's investigation.

"Barr auditioned for the job with a memo saying a president can not obstruct justice", Schiff tweeted.

Trump disregarded these norms by firing FBI Director James Comey, an act that he admitted he took because - to his mind - the Russian Federation investigation was a "hoax".

A small team at the Justice Department is working on determining what portions of the report can be made public, after scrubbing it for grand jury and other material related to ongoing investigations.

The Mueller investigation was looking into Russia's attempts to sow discord in the US democracy, something Schiff's ongoing claims actually are doing, the GOP argues.

Republicans and Democrats are on opposite sides of this question: 77% of Republicans say the President has been exonerated, 80% of Democrats say he has not.

Republicans, meanwhile, have been deferential to Barr.

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