How to watch Google’s ‘Future of Gaming’ reveal

How to watch Google’s ‘Future of Gaming’ reveal

How to watch Google’s ‘Future of Gaming’ reveal

It means that players won't have to purchase a box that sits under the TV in order to play, theoretically liberating video games from hardware altogether. They will play using mice and keyboards, USB controllers or a WiFi-enabled controller that Google plans to launch this year. This allows you to watch a streamer on YouTube, and simply click on the button to place yourself in the queue for the next match online. Key to delivering a seamless experience like the one promised by Stadia is minimizing lag and Google aims to do this by running the necessary services in close proximity to end-users. Games like Doom Eternal can hit 4K 60FPS with HDR support thanks to Google's potent datacenters, id Software confirms. By the same token, developers will no longer have to worry about down-scaling their work to suit various devices or console builds. As such, Stadia will be capable of offering more raw power than both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Google has said it's released 100 devkits to developers, but how many of those kits are put to use making games, and how many of them are high quality and see wide release, remains to be seen. And if it is a subscription model, will it hew closer to something relatively affordable, like the Netflix model, or something more premium, the way games are priced compared to films. And just like that, Google has a game console attached to millions of TVs.

The streaming technology offers a fresh way for Google to pitch game publishers on its cloud computing and data storage services, which ultimately could generate more revenue for Google than game sales.

Google is jumping headfirst in the gaming industry, it seems, as it has been teasing its first-time participation in the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. But it's bigger than that: rather than relying on traditional console hardware, Stadia lives inside of Chrome.

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Always up to date: Since games stream directly from the cloud, players always have your latest version. How will Google suddenly establish themselves in a crowded environment.

Google publicly tested its game-streaming concept a few months back under guise of Project Stream, an experiment in which gamers could play Assassin's Creed Odyssey in Chrome. While Bethesda weren't named in the keynote, the fact that a huge title in their publishing line-up is being used to promote Stadia is significant.

Not much is known about Stadia Games and Entertainment, aside from what Jade Raymond touched on during today's reveal. Not only will this studio work on its own experiences, it will also help developer - big and small - implement Stadia technology into their titles.

Our game playing habits are one of the few trajectories of data that Google doesn't now have a model in place to collect, but Stadia will certainly change that. With Ubisoft in attendance, we wonder if we might learn about a wider rollout and some partnerships for their game streaming service Project Stream. Could Google really pull off all of these impressive sounding ambitions? Now we know why.

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