Sterling headed for best week since January after Brexit votes

Sterling headed for best week since January after Brexit votes

Sterling headed for best week since January after Brexit votes

Mr Rutte said the current Withdrawal Agreement is the "only deal on the table".

DUP figures and British ministers this weekend are attempting to hammer out a deal or compromise so British prime minister Theresa May can get her Brexit deal through Westminster. The government then let MPs vote on whether or not they wanted to leave the European Union without a deal (they didn't), followed by a further vote asking them if they wanted to extend Article 50, which facilitates the departure process, until the summer ( they did).

Britain will now nearly certainly not leave the bloc as initially scheduled on March 29. "Parliament chose to reject that deal and we now have to confront the hard position that decisions taken by parliament have left us in".

The vote was defeated by a margin of 334 votes to 85, meaning it would not have passed even if Labour MPs who abstained had supported it. Many Brexit supporters in her own party oppose the deal, saying it ties Britain too closely to the EU.

May is expected to again submit the withdrawal deal to lawmakers next week, though it has already been rejected twice.

The vote makes it likely that the March 29 departure date set down in law, which May has repeatedly emphasised, is likely to be missed, although it is unclear by how long.

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Looking at their intended trajectory and where the legal and constitutional buffers are, it is becoming clearer by the day that our politicians are no longer in the mood to play within time-honoured rules and deliver for the people of the UK.

He said he hoped the United Kingdom would "leave as soon as possible in an orderly fashion" if Parliament backs May's withdrawal agreement next week. However, MPs categorically rejected an amendment that called for a second Brexit referendum.

"Despite the increased risks facing rebel Conservative MPs, we doubt that sufficient numbers will fall back into line to pass her deal given entrenched hard line opposition", MUFG analysts wrote on Friday. "What it does is precisely what the word delay says, it just delays the point in which we come to that decision", remarked May at a news conference.

German Justice Minister Katarina Barley told broadcaster RBB yesterday that she believes that the European Union would be ready to delay Brexit, "but one has to have a plan on what is supposed to happen during this period", Reuters reported.

The 10 votes provided by the DUP, which props up the government, are thought to be key to the prime minister securing her deal. However this will require unanimous agreement from the 27 leaders, which is not guaranteed as the EU's chief negotiator and several leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, have said there would need to be a good reason given.

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