Tesla Unveils Model Y

Tesla Unveils Model Y

Tesla Unveils Model Y

As it was meant to be the compact-SUV take on the Model 3 -not unlike the Model X was to the larger Model S - the Model Y's design shares much in common with Tesla's smaller sedan.

The Model Y - which slots in below the Model X - will be offered in standard-range form (priced from $39 000) as well as long-range guise, plus as dual-motor all-wheel-drive and performance variants. Tesla pegged the Model Y's range at up to 300 miles compared to 325 miles for the Model 3.

The three most expensive models will available internationally from Q3 2020, with the standard arriving during Q2 2021. This shouldn't be surprising since the Model Y shares much in common with the Model 3, though the crossover will offer optional three-row seating for seven passengers.

While the carmaker has copped some criticism for delays in initial deliveries of the Model 3, it has been delivering on schedule for Europe and even ahead of schedule in the case of China, with the United Kingdom and Australia next in line.

The CEO proceeded to roll out each of Tesla's vehicles - the Roadster, Model S, Model X and Model 3, as well as the planned Roadster refresh and Semi truck. These variants will launch in Spring 2021.

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Musk has been under fire in recent months for his behavior, his picking fights with the SEC, and the production challenges that have faced Tesla, but taking a step back, it is hard even for the more cynical among us not to be genuinely impressed with what Musk and Tesla have achieved. Tesla would "most likely" build the Model Y at Tesla's battery factory in Nevada, he said at the time. The auto has a range of 230 miles accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds. The latter also applies to the $60,000 performance version of the all-wheel-drive Model Y, which is up to 150 miles per hour (241 km/h) fast and should sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. With a drag coefficient of just 0.23, the Model Y is also the most aerodynamic crossover on the market. At this stage it has yet to be fully confirmed whether SA will get the Tesla brand, although late previous year Musk did state, in reply to a Tweet, that a Tesla store might open in the country during 2019. As is often the way with Teslas, it'll be little while before we get the Y in the United Kingdom, but who would bet against there being a glut of orders as soon as they are? Its battery would have the capacity to last for 230 miles. And with all that already in place, the fourth model would have to be a Y just so altogether they'd spell out "SEXY".

In October, Musk said "significant progress" had been made on the Model Y and that he had approved the prototype for production in 2020.

The Model Y is about 10 percent larger than the Model 3.

It comes after a challenging period for Tesla, with production issues and legal problems for Mr Musk. He did say, however, that orders are now being taken with a $2,500 deposit.

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