Rep. Omar's trope apology was insincere: Darcy cartoon

Rep. Omar's trope apology was insincere: Darcy cartoon

Rep. Omar's trope apology was insincere: Darcy cartoon

"I thought that vote was a disgrace and so does everybody else if you get an honest answer", said the President as he left the White House. The frustration on the Republican side was more that you watered down the amendment.

McCain, who was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, said as recently as 2000 that, "I hate gooks, I will hate them all my life".

Omar, a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota, sparked turmoil within the Democratic caucus with her criticisms of Israel and suggestions that Israel's supporters wanted lawmakers to pledge "allegiance" to a foreign country.

Omar told Democratic House leadership earlier in the week that she was prepared to vote in favor of a resolution created to condemn her own remarks on Israel, two senior congressional aides told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. But even this plan anxious many of Omar's defenders, who said it was clear she was being targeted and that Islamophobic bigotry she has experienced has gone unaddressed. Gold said the pressure for a resolution against Omar came from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), "which claims to be a civil rights organization while actually being involved in spying on activists in place like Ferguson [Missouri], is directly involved in Islamophobic trainings in cities and for police forces and is behind numerous times that U.S. police forces are sent over to Israel to train with the Israeli military".

One of the "no" votes was Rep. And last month, she apologized for suggesting that Republicans support Israel because they are paid to do so by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Omar, a Somali-American, and fellow Muslims Rashida Tlaib of MI and Andrew Carson of IN, issued a statement praising the "historic" vote as the first resolution to condemn "anti-Muslim bigotry". So did Republican House leaders, who immediately removed King from all his committee assignments. "So others came to a different conclusion based off of the means of assembling this resolution".

In response, the Democratic party argued over whether Omar should be singled out and what other types of bias should be decried in the text of the House resolution.

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The resolution, which made no mention of Omar, ultimately passed 407 to 23.

After the interview was published, Omar said she was not trying to criticize the former president, and that the Politico piece was an example of "how reporters distort words".

But, Engel added, "I wish we had had a separate resolution about anti-Semitism". "I think we deserve it. I think it was wrong not to have it".

But the interesting thing to make note of in this matter is that David Duke and Louis Farrakhan both issued statements of agreement with Ms. Omar's vicious statement about Jews, so at least if Nancy Pelosi is unable to identify a racist she is working with every day of the week, at least racists can identify each other. "I do not believe she understood the full weight of her words", claimed Pelosi. Just last week, she said this about the U.S. -Israel alliance: "I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country". The remark drew condemnation from several influential House Democrats. All three lawmakers are Muslim.

"Today is historic on many fronts", they wrote.

After the vote, an icy Omar was ominously silent, hardly the chatty Cathy from the week before. It was inserted under a section on white supremacists who "weaponize hate for political gain" over a long list of "traditionally persecuted peoples".

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