Trump to visit Alabama areas devastated by weekend tornadoes

Trump to visit Alabama areas devastated by weekend tornadoes

Trump to visit Alabama areas devastated by weekend tornadoes

Sheriff Jay Jones told local news outlets they were still pulling people from the rubble, and some had been hospitalised with serious injuries.

Pope Francis is sending condolences to tornado victims in Alabama, where searchers have been scouring a dismal landscape of shattered homes, splintered pines and broken lives.

The Lee County Coroner's Office confirmed the names of all 23 victims on Tuesday, and they range in age from 6 years old to 89.

Steve Marshall said he's never seen storm damage like what's left behind in Lee County.

The National Weather Service had issued numerous tornado warnings for Alabama, Georgia, Florida and SC as severe weather swept across the region Sunday. He said the dead included nearly entire families and at least three children, ages 6, 9 and 10.

One survivor lost seven members of his family, and warned that he may be facing "financial issues" because of multiple funeral costs.

Trump is expected to visit destroyed areas in the state on Friday. "You can't help the dead folks, but you can try to help the ones that's still living", said Spann, chewing on a yellowroot twig.

"We knew we were flying because it picked the house up", Morrison said. He also planned to thank first responders. "I'm still trying to process it", said Cordarrly Jones, 29. One family lost seven people. Pardrige, her family and their two dogs and pet rabbit all survived, but almost everything they owned was destroyed. Cox added that the young student "always had a smile on her face". But in just three months, she had made multiple friends-some of whom quickly grew close to her, according Cox.

"Troopers have a strong sense of camaraderie and will surround the Burroughs family at this time and offer support both short and long term", said Corporal Jess Thornton. Yet, families are reeling after the loss of loved ones.

"It's terrible", the governor told reporters Wednesday as she took a walking tour past shattered mobile homes as residents hunted amid piles of debris for belongings they could salvage. "He was done and gone before we got to him. He helped with CPR and transport", cried Hart.

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Up to eight people remain missing, officials say, and there are fears that the death toll could rise.

"We have addressed that immediately when we do have that", Jones said.

"We're here for the citizens".

"I just said my prayers".

He called the disaster "a tragic situation" but said "a lot of work is getting done".

Tornado watches were in effect in parts of Alabama and in Georgia on Sunday evening.

Forecasters ranked the worst of the outbreak at step four of the six-step Enhanced Fujita scale of tornado strength.

In its preliminary assessment, the NWS found the tornado had winds around 170 miles per hour and the NWS's Chris Darden told NBC News that the tornado was estimated to have spanned at least 24 miles in length.

Trump, whose response to the 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico was widely panned, drew criticism earlier this week for seemingly playing politics with disaster aid by tweeting that "FEMA has been told directly by me to give the A Plus treatment to the Great State of Alabama and the wonderful people who have been so devastated".

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