Russian official accuses USA of preparing military intervention in Venezuela

Russian official accuses USA of preparing military intervention in Venezuela

Russian official accuses USA of preparing military intervention in Venezuela

Top U.S. diplomats and their Russian counterparts recently discussed the ongoing Venezuelan crisis. The U.S. & other countries are trying to help, but Venezuela's military under Maduro's orders is blocking aid with trucks and shipping tankers. "The transfer of American special forces to Puerto Rico, the landing of USA forces in Colombia and other facts clearly indicate that the Pentagon is reinforcing the grouping of troops in the region in order to overthrow the lawfully elected incumbent president [Nicolas] Maduro". "Why shouldn't they meet, President Trump and President Maduro?"

"We are here today, because of the de facto Russian Federation 's refusal to allow humanitarian aid to enter Venezuela on February 23rd", he explained.

While the attempt to forcefully bring the aid into Venezuela failed, Guaido stayed in Colombia to take part in Monday's meeting of the Lima Group in Bogota.

Roraima state said on Wednesday a Venezuelan man who had suffered a gunshot wound died of multiple organ failure.

Venezuela suffers from hyperinflation and food and medicine shortages.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov repeated Moscow's assertion that the United States was using aid deliveries as a pretext to carry out military action in Venezuela.

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The U.S. special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, denied those accusations on Tuesday but said Washington would impose more sanctions on "high-ranking members of the regime and their financial affairs" this week and next.

Venezuela's foreign minister on Wednesday called for direct talks between President Nicolas Maduro and Donald Trump to address the country's crisis - a proposal swiftly rejected by the White House, which recognises the opposition.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks at a meeting for re-branding the country overseas, in Caracas, Venezuela February 11, 2019.

Maduro called Pence a man "who doesn't know world politics" and said the people surrounding Trump and advising him on Venezuelan policies "are bad, and I think that at one point, President Trump will have to say 'stop, stop, we have to see what happens with Venezuela, ' and change his politics".

At the beginning of this month it became known that the USA representation at the United Nations was preparing this text to try to legitimize a military aggression against Venezuela, under pretexts of humanitarian intervention.

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