Olivia Colman Wins Best Actress At The Oscars, Gives Amazing Speech

Olivia Colman Wins Best Actress At The Oscars, Gives Amazing Speech

Olivia Colman Wins Best Actress At The Oscars, Gives Amazing Speech

British actress Olivia Colman stunned Hollywood on February 24 when she won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in 'The Favourite, ' beating acting heavyweight Glenn Close and fan fave Lady Gaga in the process. James's mum Denise said she was "made up" that is lost out to Skin. "This is hilarious. I've got an Oscar", she continued, her eyes drifting between the Oscar she held and the audience filled with Hollywood's brightest, a.k.a. her peers.

She hailed her co-stars, Stone and Weisz, as "the two loveliest women in the world to go to work with" and also praised her fellow nominees, Glenn Close and Lady Gaga. "And when you think it's impossible, just keep in mind to say this piece of advice I got from a very wise woman, 'I did my best, and my best is good enough'".

Colman's win for her performance as Queen Anne in The Favourite attracted acclaim unusual for a comedy film, and several on social media felt it was high time the genre got the respect it deserved.

The win was a major upset over Glenn Close, who was nominated for her role in "The Wife". That is, until Colman gave probably the best Oscars speech we've ever heard (you know, once she was able to stand).

Nearly 30 years after Do The Right Thing was overlooked in the best picture category, Spike Lee finally won a competitive Oscar.

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The film about a black jazz musician and a white driver travelling through the segregated US deep south also won the best supporting actor Oscar for Mahershala Ali, as well as best original screenplay. I love you very much. And if you're not then kind of well-done, but I sort of hope you are.

Despite missing out on the prestigious award, Gaga's hit Shallow from A Star Is Born was named best original song.

An emotional Colman thanked her three children - ages 13, 11 and 3 - who she said were watching from her agent's house in Los Angeles.

To those familiar with British Television, Olivia Colman will be a familiar face, but she was an actress who was known by her face and not by her name, like a plethora of brilliant character actors. "This has been a long time coming", she said, laughing unabashedly.

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