Epic Games Pulls Fortnite Ads From YouTube Following Platform's Pedophilia Controversy

Epic Games Pulls Fortnite Ads From YouTube Following Platform's Pedophilia Controversy

Epic Games Pulls Fortnite Ads From YouTube Following Platform's Pedophilia Controversy

"We have strict policies that govern what videos we allow ads to appear on, and videos that promote anti-vaccination content are a violation of those policies", YouTube said.

YouTube has responded by stating that they're working hard to solve the problem.

YouTube confirmed the decision after BuzzFeed News contacted seven companies who were unaware that their ads were running on anti-vaccination videos.

Last week, Redditor Matt Watson highlighted how YouTube's algorithm permitted abusive comments which time-stamped video portions in which children were shown in compromising positions. "We took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling violative comments".

Some of the videos have garnered so many views that they are potentially putting children at risk.

The media agency executive says brand ads on YouTube serve billions of impressions for marketers, so the fact that one or two appear on videos like those pointed out by Watson is terrible, but considering it's out of a few billion, it's a ratio those marketers have to live with because they need YouTube to communicate to their audience.

And a host of firms including AT&T, Marks & Spencer and Audi have pulled ads in the past after they appeared next to videos promoting conspiracy theories, white nationalism and terrorist groups.

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At the time, YouTube said that it used a combination of automated systems and human flagging to block inappropriate comments - be they predatory or sexual - on videos featuring minors.

The latest allegations surfaced on Wednesday, when a YouTube vlogger claimed that paedophiles were latching onto innocuous videos of children and objectifying them in the comments section.

Will Facebook and other social platforms follow suit or reconsider their position on related content?

Nestle, Disney, AT&T, Hasbro and the creator of Fortnite have all reportedly pulled advertisements from Youtube following allegations of child abuse content being on the platform.

Dr. Oetker asked YouTube "to explain how it could happen that advertising of our company was placed in an environment that we strictly reject and consider highly reprehensible ethically", the company said in a statement. The Alphabet-owned company has talked to key ad agencies and major companies to address it, according to AdWeek's sources familiar with the matter.

Disney has also suspended its advertising on YouTube, according to Bloomberg, which cited unidentified people with knowledge of the matter.

Yesterday, Jessica Ballinger discovered that her recent videos were being demonetised by YouTube. "What we're all hoping is that brands and YouTube will together realize that they'll make even more money if they get a solid grip on brand safety".

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