Pakistan Recalls Envoy From India Amid Rising Tensions

Pakistan Recalls Envoy From India Amid Rising Tensions

Pakistan Recalls Envoy From India Amid Rising Tensions

Following the militant attack in India-occupied Kashmir's Pulwama area last week, tensions between India and Pakistan are once again running high.

"No sooner the government forces zeroed in on suspected area, the militants present there fired upon the advanced contingent wounding four personnel, who later succumbed", a police official said.

Pakistan has rejected India's accusations in the wake of the attack.

Pakistan on Monday called back its high commissioner appointed in India for consultations in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack. Pakistan has warned India against linking it to the attack without an investigation, saying that it was part of New Delhi's "known rhetoric and tactics" to divert global attention from human rights violations in Kashmir. It said 104 students who were staying in private accommodations in the Ambala district of Haryana had been moved to hostels of a university guarded by police.

India also recalled its ambassador to Pakistan after the suicide bombing.

The timing can not be more ominous as it comes just ahead of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's visit to Islamabad, from where he would fly into India after two days.

The dead soldiers included an Indian army major.

Local residents said troops destroyed one civilian house by explosives during the fighting.

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Capt Singh also said that the Indian Army should go after Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The Pakistan Army has been put on "high operational alert" on the border with India, as the latter is feared to retaliate to the fatal terror strike in Pulwama.

"We are in pain in the same way the families of the soldiers are", said farmer Ghulam Hassan Dar, adding that his son had been radicalised after police stopped him and his friends on the way home from school in 2016.

Users in US, Britain, Holland, Norway and Australia were unable to access Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on Saturday, the report said.

"The way the United States entered Pakistan and killed (al-Qaeda chief) Osama bin Laden (for the deadly 9/11 terror attacks in America), that is called a surgical strike", it opined.

Kashmir, a Muslim-majority region at the heart of decades of hostility, is claimed in entirety by India and Pakistan, but ruled in part by both the South Asian countries.

In recent years, mainly young Kashmiris have displayed solidarity with the rebels and sought to protect them by engaging troops in street clashes during India's counterinsurgency operations despite repeated warnings from the Indian authorities.

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