Why Governor Northam said ‘indentured servants’ in ‘CBS This Morning’ interview

Why Governor Northam said ‘indentured servants’ in ‘CBS This Morning’ interview

Why Governor Northam said ‘indentured servants’ in ‘CBS This Morning’ interview

A photograph in the 1984 yearbook shows a person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan robes.

He says he's learned that he needs to better understand what it means to be "born in white privilege".

Virginia's embattled Democratic governor vowed in an interview on Monday not to resign over revelations that he wore blackface at a 1980s party, as a web of scandals enveloped three top party officials. A housecleaning could be costly: If all three Democrats resign, Republican state House Speaker Kirk Cox would become Virginia's governor. On Friday, Watson also came forward, alleging that he assaulted her when they were university students in 2000.

At first he apologized for that photo in a statement - then, the very next day, he said he did not appear in that image and was not responsible for its placement on his yearbook page.

After staying out of sight since he faced the press on February 2 to deny he was pictured in the racist photo on his yearbook page, but admitting that he had worn blackface on another occasion, Northam, 59, returned to the public eye to attend the funeral of a slain state trooper.

Aside from Herring, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (D-Va.) is also facing a scandal of his own.

Democratic delegate Patrick Hope threatened to introduce articles of impeachment against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, who is now the subject of a second credible sexual-assault allegation.

A Washington Post-Schar School poll, which only asked about Tyson's allegation, found most were still undecided about the accusation, with 65 percent saying they didn't know enough to judge Fairfax's denial of the accusation.

Fairfax, who is black, has denied both claims and called them a "co-ordinated smear campaign".

Other congressional Democrats made unqualified calls for Fairfax to resign.

Northam now says he plans to dedicate the rest of his term to helping Virginia "heal" - telling CBS in an interview Sunday, "I'm not going anywhere".

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GAYLE KING: And why you think you still deserve this job when so many people are calling for you to step down?

"Also known as slavery", she said.

The first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort, what we call now Fort Monroe, and while - " Northam said on the show.

Asked why these women would come forward if they are lying, he said, "I would just say right now, the paramount issue is having the truth come out", he said.

Despite this year's elections in Virginia being scheduled to take place only in November, former Democratic presidential hopeful and ex-first lady of the United States Hillary Clinton urged her supporters to prepare for the electoral process.

Gov. Ralph Northam tells @GayleKing: "I have thought about resigning, but I've also thought about what Virginia needs right now".

Twitter, however, wasn't impressed by Northam's progress so far.

While Northam pushes back, Fairfax is under increasing pressure to resign over two allegations of sexual assault.

If Fairfax were to leave, it's unclear who could replace him as lieutenant governor.

He's denied being in the photo but has admitted to wearing blackface as part of a Michael Jackson costume that same year.

The top three Democrats in Virginia's state government are now dealing with various scandals - Gov. Ralph Northam and state Attorney General Mark Herring both admitted to having worn blackface in the 1980s.

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