US refiner Citgo emerges as key to Venezuela's power battle | AP business

US refiner Citgo emerges as key to Venezuela's power battle | AP business

US refiner Citgo emerges as key to Venezuela's power battle | AP business

CNN reported Thursday that the Maduro government blocked a bridge on the Colombia-Venezuela border, preventing USA -sent humanitarian aid from reaching the country. "Humanitarian aid does not substitute for the economy of a country".

According to the Guardian, Guaido told students in Caracas: 'They are already defeated, ' as he urged for more protests, following colossal demonstrations last weekend. Today, our only enemy is fear.' Guaido said.

"If they dare to continue blocking the way, all these volunteers will go open a humanitarian channel", he said.

He said the aid should be given to the poor in the Colombian city of Cucuta, where the supplies are being stockpiled.

With so much political spin coming from every side in the Venezuelan crisis, perhaps it's no surprise the very meaning of humanitarian aid has been lost, too.

Possible US aggression against Caracas can not be justified, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro told reporters on Friday.

'This is a macabre game, you see?

Abrams said the longer Maduro stays, the more he will fall and the more misery there will be in Venezuela.

As darkness fell in the plush interior of the Miraflores Palace, Maduro queried his Electricity Minister.

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"Which ones?" Bloomberg reporter Nick Wadhams asked.

"We may have different points of view and understandings of the causes of this crisis, but we share a similar objective: to contribute to a political, peaceful and democratic solution", said Mogherini.

Britain, Germany, France and Spain and more than a dozen other European Union member states recognised Mr Guaido in a coordinated action on Monday, following the expiration of an ultimatum they gave for Mr Maduro to hold a new presidential election.

Since Fiscal Year 2017, the United States has provided more than $140 million-including almost $97 million in humanitarian assistance, and approximately $43 million in development and economic assistance-to support the generous efforts of affected countries to host displaced Venezuelans. The world watches now whether Maduro's government will let the first shipments from United States cross its borders.

The U.S. government is also weighing possible sanctions on Cuban military and intelligence officials whom it says are helping Maduro remain in power, a second U.S. official and person familiar with the deliberations have told Reuters. It was joined in these calls by a number of European nations.

He claims that as head of the opposition-led National Assembly he is Venezuela's rightful leader because Maduro's re-election past year was a sham.

Critics say three previous rounds of dialogue have allowed the ruling Socialist Party to stall for time without making major concessions on key issues including imprisoned opposition politicians and electoral transparency.

Maduro accuses Trump of "disrupting noble dialogue initiatives", which were promoted by Uruguay and Mexico and backed by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

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