Woman trapped in elevator rescued after 3 days

Woman trapped in elevator rescued after 3 days

Woman trapped in elevator rescued after 3 days

The townhouse is owned by Warren Stephens of Little Rock-based investment bank Stephens Inc., ABC News reported.

The victim was hospitalised and is listed in good condition.

A family member, who then went to the building, called 911 to rescue Ms Fortaliza.

Housekeeper Marites Fortaliza spent the weekend in the elevator at the Manhattan townhouse owned by U.S. investment banker Warren Stephens.

A housekeeper who was trapped in a Manhattan elevator for three days was rescued Monday, according to officials.

A woman has been freed after spending an entire weekend trapped inside an elevator in Manhattan.

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The 53-year-old had been tending to the empty house on Friday evening, while the owner, billionaire investor Warren Stephens, was on an extended business trip. The firm, started by Stephens' uncle, underwrote Wal-Mart's public offering in 1970, and backed the bonds for the Louisiana Superdome.

The cause of the incident is now being investigated.

Hugo Martinez, a construction worker working nearby, was outside the home when the woman was transported to the hospital.

What a nightmare: A cleaning woman was trapped in NY for three days in an Elevator.

Imagine being trapped in elevator with no chance of escape.

The New York Post reports that an unidentified man at the townhouse refused to let a city Department of Buildings inspector inside to check out the lift in question.

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