Maduro warns Trump in front of the second Vietnam

Maduro warns Trump in front of the second Vietnam

Maduro warns Trump in front of the second Vietnam

Venezuela is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and sits on the world´s largest petroleum reserves, most of it heavy crude that is costly to produce. "The fight for freedom has begun!"

"This campaign has been prepared to justify a coup d'état in Venezuela that has been set, financed and actively supported by Donald Trump administration." .

Besides, cooperation with Russian Federation may help Venezuela win strong political and economic support.

There are widespread medical shortages and food shortages in Venezuela and millions of people are dying or fleeing the country.

The strike aims to "demand that the armed forces side with the people" after bloody clashes following protests last week left more than 40 people dead and 850 incarcerated. The government has also responded to his challenge by cracking down on rebellious neighbourhoods, trying to preserve an autocratic, socialist-style system increasingly imperilled by deep unpopularity and foreign pressure. "The fact that President Maduro is open to dialogue with the opposition deserves high praise", Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in a phone call.

"Do you want a puppet of the gringos to govern Venezuela?" The "soles" in the cartel's title refer to the badges on Venezuelan soldiers' uniforms. "Maduro is willing to negotiate after the USA imposed sanctions and the access to Oil revenues has been cut", he wrote.

Pompeo said Tuesday the certification will "help Venezuela's legitimate government safeguard those assets for the benefit of the Venezuelan people".

"The United States is a great country and it is much bigger than Donald Trump", he said.

In Spain, state-owned shipbuilder Navantia said it has called back four Spanish technicians from Venezuela who were readying for final delivery a navy patrol ship sold 14 years ago to the Venezuelan government.

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Melendez said she lives in a working-class neighborhood at the opposite end of the city, but she is too afraid to protest near her home, because in her neighborhood she has already been beaten up by government supporters for canvassing for an opposition party.

"Presidential elections in Venezuela have taken place, and if imperialists want new elections let them wait until 2025", he said in an apparent reference to Washington.

"Maduro willing to negotiate with opposition in Venezuela following USA sanctions and the cutting off of oil revenues".

Although in opposition hands since 2015, the National Assembly has been sidelined since 2016 as the Supreme Court - dominated by regime loyalists - annuls its every decision.

Last week Guaido declared himself acting president and has appealed to the military to disavow Maduro. The opposition argues Maduro's re-election last May was a sham.

Maduro has appeared on state TV daily, flanked by military leaders in a show of strength.

The Pentagon has refused to rule out military action, although is it not considered likely by most experts.

"Maduro is a tyrant", Brito said.

According to Maduro, the governments of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Russia, the Vatican, and some European governments that he didn't name, support dialog in Venezuela.

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