Serious FaceTime flaw was reported to Apple over a week ago

Serious FaceTime flaw was reported to Apple over a week ago

Serious FaceTime flaw was reported to Apple over a week ago

The bug, confirmed by Bloomberg News, happens when a user creates a FaceTime conference call, puts in their phone number, and then adds the number of another person. It looks like they've answered, but the call will still be ringing on their lock screen. If you keep it active, just be aware that incoming callers may be able to listen and/or view you from your iPhone.

He said: 'Disable FaceTime for now until Apple fixes'. At this point in time, disabling FaceTime or immediately dismissing FaceTime calls appear to be the only protection against snooping.

NY governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement warning people about the bug and urging people to disable the app until Apple fixes the issue.

Users took to Twitter to tweet jokes and comments about the bug affecting Apple's group FaceTime service.

9To5Mac and Gizmodo US had no problem testing the bug for themselves with an iPhone XR and XS - but it seems that the bug can be used between any Apple devices running iOs 12.1 or later.

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It's an unusual misstep for a company that prides itself on its strong privacy safeguards.

Essentially, if you started a FaceTime with one of your contacts and then added your own number to the "Add Person" box, you could hear the phone audio from the person you originally called before they even pick up. Mashable discovered that it also let callers see through the recipient's FaceTime (front-facing) camera. Hitting the volume rocker also showed video as reported.

NY governor Andrew Cuomo issued a consumer alert for the product.

The issue comes at a critical juncture for Apple, which has been beset by slowing iPhone sales. In its iOS 12.1 security document from last November, Apple called iOS "a major leap forward in security for mobile devices".

On your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, head to Settings - FaceTime and then toggle the button right at the top to set FaceTime on or off (a green button on screen indicates FaceTime is on).

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