U.S. hits Venezuela state-owned oil company with sanctions

U.S. hits Venezuela state-owned oil company with sanctions

U.S. hits Venezuela state-owned oil company with sanctions

The U.S. administration reiterated that threat Monday in announcing sweeping sanctions against Venezuela's state oil company.

"We call on our allies and partners to join the United States in recognizing interim president Guaido and blocking Maduro from being able to access funds".

Speaking to CNN Turk, Mr Maduro said Venezuela has held numerous elections of late - including presidential elections in May (which the United States and several Latin American nations did not recognise as legitimate) - and the European countries should withdraw their demand. Whether or not this is true, Pence did deliver a video statement last week in which he declared "unwavering support" for the anti-Maduro protesters in Venezuela and told them that "we stand with you, and we will stay with you until democracy is restored".

"Nobody gives us an ultimatum", Maduro said.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores are seen atop a military vehicle during a military exercise in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, January 27, 2019.

Maduro's government on several occasions has threated to arrest the 35-year-old lawmaker, accusing him of violating the constitution and acting as a "puppet" of a US coup attempt.

Guaido has the support of the US and some Latin American countries like Argentina and Chile.

The Trump administration's quick recognition of Guaido was quickly met with alarm by progressive anti-war advocates and commentators, who denounced the move as the beginnings of a coup and warned that USA intervention in Venezuela's internal affairs will only make the country's economic and political crises worse.

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Maduro has backed down on his order to shut down the USA embassy in Caracas and the expulsion of all US diplomats.

Maduro was sworn into his second term earlier this month following last year's elections that the opposition boycotted due to allegations that the race was rigged in favor of the ruling United Socialist Party.

Guaido took a symbolic oath of office Wednesday proclaiming himself the nation's constitutional leader on grounds that Maduro's re-election past year was fraudulent - an allegation supported by the USA, the European Union and many other nations.

"When I learned about the coup attempt and saw photos of the nation defending their homeland, I immediately told my foreign minister to condemn this attack", he said.

On Saturday, Venezuela's top military diplomat in Washington, Colonel Jose Luis Silva, defected from Maduro's government.

Moreover, according to the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, any purchases of Venezuelan oil by the US companies will be transfered into the blocked account.

EU powers shifted toward the US position Saturday with envoys of the United Kingdom and Germany saying the European Union would recognize Guaido as interim president unless a new election is called within eight days.

Russian Federation was joined by China, Syria and Turkey in backing Maduro, as well as left-wing-led Latin American nations Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador and Nicaragua, which have rallied against what they consider to be the latest chapter in a decades-long history of USA intervention against socialist forces in the region.

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