It’s Official! Kamala Harris Announces She’s Running For President

It’s Official! Kamala Harris Announces She’s Running For President

It’s Official! Kamala Harris Announces She’s Running For President

Harris, who has served as the junior USA senator for California since 2017, and previously as district attorney of San Francisco, and then California's attorney general, is the first African-American woman to enter the race, and the fourth woman, joining fellow Democrats Sen.

Harris, California's former attorney general who won a seat to replace longtime Democratic Sen. Let's do this together: For ourselves, for our kids, for our country, ' the Senator said in her announcement video. I'm running to lift those voices.

Harris is just one of several Democratic presidential hopefuls, declared and otherwise, who are using the national holiday to talk up the importance of King's civil-rights battle and the issue of America's racial divides - sure to feature prominently in the fight against President Donald Trump.

Less than two weeks ago, Harris, 54, said she was not yet ready to make an announcement about a possible campaign. "Let's claim our future, our ourselves, for our children and four our country".

Her tough questioning of Justice Brett Kavanaugh about his views on abortion and the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election attracted attention from Democrats. "But our strength is that we fight to reach those ideals", she said. However, Harris has recently received criticism for some of her stances as a prosecutor. "I reject that notion", Harris said. Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of MA and Kirsten Gillibrand of NY have both announced exploratory committees, a step that Harris is skipping.

Senator Kamala Harris is joining the 2020 presidential race!

Harris, a first-term United States senator and former California attorney general, announced her run for president on the ABC show Good Morning America.

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Harris also supports free tuition at four-year public colleges for most Americans, a ban on assault weapons and sale of high-capacity magazines, abortions, and same-sex marriage.

"It is not taken lightly by many that almost 50 years after Shirley Chisholm, the first woman & African-American to seek the nomination for president of the United States from one of the two major political parties (1972)", tweeted CNN analyst Symone D. Sanders.

Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a breast-cancer scientist originally from Chennai, India, brought Harris and her sister Maya to Montreal in the 1970s when she took a job teaching at McGill University and doing research at the Jewish General Hospital.

After US District Judge Jon Tigar ordered the state to allow Norsworthy-who was in prison for second-degree murder-to have the surgery, Harris appealed the decision to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Harris is the first African-American woman to announce a run for the White House in 2020, and the third woman in the field. Remember when Harris got busted for releasing deceptively edited video to smear Justice Kavanaugh and push the anti- Catholic bigotry by grilling one of President Trump's judicial nominees over belonging to the Knights of Columbus?

"We've known her since she was the DA in San Francisco, and then of course, when she as attorney general was more engaged than any attorney general has been with us in the LGBTQ community", executive director of Equality California Rick Zbur said. "So today, the day we celebrate Dr. King, is a very special day for all of us as Americans and I'm honored to be able to make my announcement on the day we commemorate him". "It's also likely that her record on criminal justice and banking reform as California AG will continue to plague her if she doesn't adopt a more aggressive message and propose big progressive solutions".

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