Giuliani Walks Back Remarks On Trump-Cohen Moscow Project Talks

Giuliani Walks Back Remarks On Trump-Cohen Moscow Project Talks

Giuliani Walks Back Remarks On Trump-Cohen Moscow Project Talks

Cohen had pleaded guilty in two cases - one for lying to Congress about the Moscow project, and another involving campaign finance violations for hush-money payments to women who had alleged affairs with Trump. Giuliani disputes that the evidence even exists.

"Can't be sure the exact dates, but the president can remember having conversations with him about it", he said.

The New York Times and Washington Post since reported the statement was meant to be a full-throated rebuttal to the claim that Cohen told Mueller's office he was told to lie by Trump.

After Mueller's office disputed the report as "not accurate" Friday evening, the conversation shifted, with some saying the report should have been treated more skeptically all along, while others expressed frustration with Mueller's office for not saying what specifically about the piece was incorrect.

Within 24 hours of the story's publication, the special counsel's office issued a statement doing just that.

Giuliani appeared on CNN, where he said he did not know if Trump had discussed with Cohen a 2017 congressional interview at which Cohen has admitted lying about a Trump Tower real estate project in Moscow.

"The best he could do is, 'We talked about it, I knew he was running with it, I honestly didn't pay much attention to it, '" Giuliani said, characterizing Trump's memory.

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Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, told the Daily News that it wouldn't necessarily be a problem if Trump and Cohen's lawyers had contact ahead of the testimony, as Giuliani now claims.

"I made these misstatements to be consistent with Individual 1's political messaging and out of loyalty to Individual 1", Cohen said at his plea hearing late past year, using the term "Individual 1" to refer to Trump. Mittenthal said, "We trust our sources over the organisation still run by Donald Trump's family". Instead, Cohen said they actually continued until that June, after Trump had clinched the Republican nomination.

Trump officials had initially described the project as the province of Cohen and simply in the discussion phase.

"If there's ever a trial on all of this, I think a whole day of the trial will just be jurors watching old Rudy Giuliani tapes and clips because the number of times, he is essentially confirming Trump lied through his teeth about doing business with Russian Federation in that period-it's just astounding", he said, The Huffington Post reported. "We look forward to further clarification from the Special Counsel in the near future".

It remains hard to accept the BuzzFeed article as a whole - but Giuliani's scattershot reaction and shifting story suggest that it's still worth taking seriously.

"It has not been our experience that the special counsel is forthcoming with information", Smith said.

"The guy driving this testimony was Michael Cohen", Giuliani told CNN.

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