Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Play 'The Little Mermaid' For Disney

Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Play 'The Little Mermaid' For Disney

Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Play 'The Little Mermaid' For Disney

The new reality series is set in Mykonos, Greece at Lohan's exclusive beachside club.

In his second, Vinny flashed a big smile and said she was "happy again" because he "decided to forgive Lindsay Lohan".

While discussing a disappointing first meeting Lohan and creative partner, Panos Spentzos, had with their new VIP hosts, the actress revealed her strive behind running a successful club. Like Laguna Beach, scenes are heavily manipulated by editing, possibly scripted, and haphazardly sewn together for the loosest sense of story.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly "still drinks and has never really stopped drinking" despite her multiple stints in rehab facilities. "Her show is based around her life and her club".

In the past six months to a year, Lohan has been more present in the press than she has since the height of her headline-grabbing days - albeit negative headlines. It's a far cry from where she's been and how she's been perceived mere years ago.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club follows Lohan as she launches and manages her Lohan Beach House club and restaurant in Mykonos. She was recently hit by a refugee in an altercation which broke out after she accused an alleged homeless couple of trafficking their children.

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"This is a time for me to show people, the past is the past, and we're only moving forward", Lohan begins, "and there's no opportunity for them to say anything".

Regardless, Beach Club doesn't wipe the slate clean and erase her past from public record, no matter how badly she wishes to Eternal Sunshine it from the world's memory.

"I think you want your own show, so you should focus on that", Lohan told them.

Although the former Disney star still drinks, sources claim she no longer does drugs.

While Ariel's next chance to be part of our world is still in development, Mean Girls star Lohan made it clear in an Instagram post in February 2017 that she wants the role of the flame-haired young mermaid - and almost two years later, she's still of the same mind. "I know what 'one minute" means".

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