Google Assistant is coming to Dish's Hopper receivers

Google Assistant is coming to Dish's Hopper receivers

Google Assistant is coming to Dish's Hopper receivers

Now, the company, which is attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, has announced to bring Google Assistant to Google Maps for both Android and iOS phones. The main aim of the new interpreter mode is not just to translate from one language to the other, but to encourage you to have conversations with those who do not speak the same language as you without having to struggle too much.

In a press briefing overnight Google has finally confirmed that Google Assistant will finally come to the Sonos One and the Sonos Beam although they did not specify a date, which of course is disappointing but we suspect, and hope, that they left this to Sonos to take the glory on. Google has earlier tried a similar auto-translation feature in its Pixel Buds.

A tiny button that could enable a specific, Google Assistant-controlled action. Google notes that messaging features now work with SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages and more. Buckle up and hop aboard the Google Assistant Ride! With this new Google Maps integration, drivers can use the Assistant to keep their hands on the wheel. Google is helping change that by deploying Interpreter Mode for Google Assistant - it will support "dozens" of languages when it arrives, including commonly spoken ones like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, and French.

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When you make a request, the Google Assistant must not only understand the language you're using and your speech, but it also has to recognize the intent of what you're asking and the context. Other Android devices will gain this feature in the next couple of weeks.

The Google Assistant now lives in more than 1 billion devices, but the company wants to put it in a whole lot more. Additionally, Google Assistant will also alert if your flight is ready for Web check-in. This featire will start first with domestic flights with United Airlines in the US.

This is not all, Assistant can now also book hotels for you.

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