State Dept. issues travel warning for Americans going to China

State Dept. issues travel warning for Americans going to China

State Dept. issues travel warning for Americans going to China

China meanwhile has reiterated their demands for Canada to drop its arrest warrant on Ms. Meng. All three are USA citizens. Canadian diplomats have seen both men at least once since they were detained.

"Without a doubt, these two Canadian citizens in China violated our country's laws and regulations, and are now undergoing investigation according to procedure", Zhang Jun, China's prosecutor general, said.

The travel advisory follows the detention last month of two Canadians in China, which has accused them of harming China's security.

Those comments don't offer any new information for Kovrig's distressed family and friends, who still don't know why or for how long he's being detained, said Robert Malley, president of the Crisis Group. While the catastrophe caused by Wanzhou's arrest is still evident, the warning was a necessary move to alert and secure Americans from China's retaliatory detentions.

"As an American living here, I try to keep a low profile anyway, and generally experience no hardship", he said. The Global Times, an English-language publication of the official People's Daily, says Robert Lloyd Schellenberg appeal of his conviction will be heard on December 29.

"So it's very hard to imagine that it's anything that he was doing or the organization was doing that triggered China's unhappiness".

"Having given all these Canadian and USA individuals and companies some concern, there will nearly certainly be a downturn in Western economic involvement in China", Hunt said. "It certainly is not good for Michael", he said. Kovrig and Spavor remain in custody.

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Chinese constitutional scholar Zhang Lifan said McIver's detention for contravening the terms of her visa may not have been ordered by the highest levels of government in the first place.

In an alarming post, the State Department wrote that "Chinese authorities have asserted broad authority to prohibit US citizens from leaving China by using 'exit bans, ' sometimes keeping USA citizens in China for years".

This is a level two advisory that pushes for increased caution that include other countries such as France, Germany and Denmark.

However, these are only the number of detainees that has been officially confirmed by Global Affairs. Cooper said that, if there were concerns about safety, the group would not be going.

They are travelling to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and will meet with counterparts from China's National Peoples' Congress.

Day said the trip's success should be measured by how well the Canadian delegation furthers the long-term relationship between the two countries.

December 8: Canada's ambassador to China, John McCallum, is summoned to a meeting with China's assistant foreign minister so the country can register complaints about Meng's arrest.

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