Volunteers Keep Yosemite National Park Clean Amid Government Shutdown

Volunteers Keep Yosemite National Park Clean Amid Government Shutdown

Volunteers Keep Yosemite National Park Clean Amid Government Shutdown

Joshua Tree National Park in the California desert also says it will be closing campgrounds.

The parks have remained largely open to the public despite the fact that most of the rangers and other support staff who maintain them are among the hundreds of thousands of government workers now on furlough, and the unsupervised access has led to a buildup of trash and a break-down in visitor behavior, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

The partial government shutdown entered its 12th day Wednesday.

Park officials announced today that there will now be limited access to the park along the Highway 41 corridor from the South Entrance to the Badger Pass Road during the hours of highest visitation due to continuing issues with human waste and resource damage.

If you visit one of the many parks impacted by the federal shutdown, consider taking your trash with you and properly disposing it at another location.

The Yosemite national Park visitors ' garbage sacks out of the auto.

If Californians ever wondered how the state's most majestic open spaces would fare without adult supervision, the partial federal government shutdown is offering a grim picture.

"Providing visitor services is only a portion of what park staff is there to do", he said.

The California park is one of many suffering the effects of a political stalemate over President Donald Trump's Mexican border wall.

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"I guess we take it for granted nearly, these handsome places that we have and we never thought we'd have to prepare for it (the shutdown)", he said. The Smithsonian relied on funds from previous years to stay open through the first of the year, but planned to close its doors on January 2 if the government shutdown continued.

But some are seizing on the shortage of park staffers to off-road illegally and otherwise damage the park, as well as relieving themselves in the open, a park statement said.

The superintendent at Joshua Tree, David Smith, thanked the volunteers on Monday but said they have to close some of the campgrounds because the toilets, which don't have plumbing or a septic system, are too full.

In Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, staff began closing toilets and locking trash bins because of unspecified health and safety concerns, CBS4 Denver reported Tuesday.

"The whole community has come together", Mr Feltges said.

"People are bringing in dogs and drones, and there are instances where people aren't following the rules, and it is not good for the wildlife and the environment", she said.

At a time when once again, the federal government is unable to act because of infighting and personal squabbles, corporations have an opportunity to step up while our political leaders continue to let us down. Normally, the nonprofit's center would be closed this time of year, but Rivera Murdock said they made the decision to keep it open until the shutdown ends.

Meanwhile, parks around the country, from national monuments in Washington to Lake Mead in Nevada have suffered the same fate, leaving city government to clean up the mess.

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