Bird Box Hits 45 Million Views in One Week According to Netflix

Bird Box Hits 45 Million Views in One Week According to Netflix

Bird Box Hits 45 Million Views in One Week According to Netflix

For close watchers of TV's shift to streaming, it was a watershed moment.

To be fair, it's because they sort of have been, but how much longer will that last?

"Does Susanne Bier's agent use this data as leverage on her next film?". An intimate painting of the couple kissing is featured in Playboy's interview with Morris from July, in which she discusses painting from "the voyeur's view". Keegan asked on Twitter.

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Because, if anything, Bullock is one of our greatest living actors.

The watch-it-your-way flexibility of streaming presents challenges to anyone trying to draw a comparison to traditional film in regards to audience.

I'd hope we can assume there's a good faith basis for saying 45 million, but there aren't any more details offered. Does the figure account for those who accidentally play the film from an auto-play option? If you haven't, let us shed some light: Bird Box is the Netflix movie that has taken over social media via memes about its blindfolded characters who attempt to navigate a post-apocalyptic world where simply opening your eyes outdoors somehow drives you into a suicidal state. This is very different than YouTube that considers a view when a user has watched for around 30 seconds. From the comfort of a Netflix household, the time and financial investments are far less. The company rarely reveals viewership statistics for its content and is not independently monitored by a third party, such as Nielsen (though the measurement company has attempted to do so in the past). As CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl somewhat skeptically tweeted, the numbers were "independently verified by. uh, Netflix". The film starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, and Sarah Paulson is the best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film.

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