The 2002 ‘Raimi Suit’ Is Now Available In ‘Spider-Man’

The 2002 ‘Raimi Suit’ Is Now Available In ‘Spider-Man’

The 2002 ‘Raimi Suit’ Is Now Available In ‘Spider-Man’

The last round of DLC content for the three-part adventure The City That Never Sleeps, will include the suit worn by the Webhead in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. Not only do you have the total treat of Into the Spider-Verse being in cinemas right now - watched it the other night, what a blast - but the PS4-exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man just got a whole lot more 2002-ish.

Peter Parker's suit from Into the Spider-Verse, Cyborg Spider-Man and the Aaron Aikman Armour Suit are the three remaining costumes set to appear in the Silver Lining DLC, due out tomorrow. There's the Silver Lining DLC story pack as well as some new photo filters, difficulties and more.

The producer behind one of the best Spider-Man films to hit screens, Amy Pascal, has confirmed due to its popularity Sony have moved their plans forward regarding sequels and spin-offs sooner rather than later she has told Vanity Fair. Ring in the Christmas cheer with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Added new frames and stickers to Photo Mode. It has players completing various missions in Spider-Man Unlimited and allows them to choose from a large number of suits from the comic books.

Those who want to grab it while it's still available will find themselves taking part in a story that has the Gold Goblin recruiting Spider-Man to defeat the Sinister Six who are invading NY by using a portal. You have the Peter Parker we all know and love, but then you also have a black teenager, two independent women, a dark and mysterious Spider-Noir and Spider-Ham the talking pig.

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