Trump sensitive to criticism about so-far failed border wall promise

Trump sensitive to criticism about so-far failed border wall promise

Trump sensitive to criticism about so-far failed border wall promise

President Donald Trump signaled defeat Wednesday on his threat to shut down almost half the federal government over his border wall funding demand, possibly pulling the country back from the brink of a Christmas crisis.

Schumer spoke on the floor shortly thereafter, saying: "I'm glad the leader thinks the government should not shut down over the President's demands for a wall, and Democrats will support this CR".

And Trump has publicly embraced the idea of shutting down the government if he doesn't get funding for the border wall, declaring in front of cameras in the Oval Office that he would be "proud" to do so. It's also unclear how the trade deal would mean Mexico is paying for the wall.

Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have made it clear they are not interested in funding Trump's border wall.

The Senate's top Republican and Democratic leaders began negotiating new proposals, and talks were expected to continue. As part of the deal, Congress would repurpose $1 billion in unspent funds for Trump to use on border security.

"In our Country, so much money has been poured down the drain, for so many years, but when it comes to Border Security and the Military, the Democrats fight to the death", Trump tweeted Wednesday.

If an agreement isn't reached between the president and lawmakers by Friday, Congress can pass an emergency continuing resolution to keep all federal agencies up and running. "One way or the other, we will win on the Wall!".

On Feb. 8, when the measure runs out, Democrats will have control of the House of Representatives, which could lead to an even more challenging battle for Trump over border wall funding.

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Trump had neither accepted nor rejected the Democrats' proposal as of Friday, according to the Democrats, telling them he would take a look.

Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey of NY, who will take over as Appropriations Committee chairwoman, said she was disappointed that Trump and the Republican Congress "couldn't even complete their final task of funding the government" and instead chose to "kick the can down the road for a third time".

"I think even Ann Coulter and the biggest supporters back during the campaign will say an "artistically designed wall with lovely slats" is not what they expected when the president was chanting at rallies 'build the wall, '" she said.

The stopgap measure would approve government funding at existing levels for the next several weeks, without a boost for the border. Schumer said there will be no wall money, "plain and simple".

Trump, Collins said, was "twisting" his words "because he wants to be able to deliver on the promise" and mocked his fruitless efforts.

"On this, they're walking away", Conway said in an interview on Fox News.

The standoff dispute could affect nine of 15 Cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Interior, Agriculture, State and Justice, as well as national parks and forests.

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