Talking Robot At Tech Show Turns Out To Be Man In Costume

Talking Robot At Tech Show Turns Out To Be Man In Costume

Talking Robot At Tech Show Turns Out To Be Man In Costume

The Rossiya-24 channel told viewers that participants had "the opportunity to look at the most up-to-date robots".

Boris was shown on stage with co-hosts using dance moves so realistic that your dad would proudly use them at a wedding.

"Boris the Robot has already learned to dance, and not badly at that", the reporter said. The website posted a few questions like Where were Boris's external sensors?

Later on the robot is shown being interviewed in the studio by a host of the show, again using astonishingly realistic movements.

They also noticed that a person would have fitted inside the "robot" perfectly...

The Guardian noted the report disappeared from Russia-24's YouTube channel on Wednesday, but reappeared in the afternoon.

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Before you buy yourself a bunker and join the robot-fighting resistance, here's where it turns out that Boris isn't a robot at all.

About the mini-investigation and analysis published by the TV channel "Rossiya24" video resource according to the Russian Tjournal.

But images shared online from backstage at the event clearly showed a human inside a robot outfit, through a gap between a bodysuit and a headpiece.

MBKh Media, Mikhail Khodorkovsky's opposition news agency showed what it says is the man in the suit, sans robot head, ahead of the performance. Even the really advanced ones.

In the report, the robot also appeared to speak in a metallic voice as lights flashed on its face in different colours, saying: "I'm good at maths but now I want to study art and musical composition".

Reports in Russian Federation indicate the forum hadn't, in fact, tried to pretend that Boris was real, but TV viewers were left none the wiser.

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