Trump Rips Robert Mueller As 'Prosecutor Gone Rogue' After Paul Manafort Complaint

Trump Rips Robert Mueller As 'Prosecutor Gone Rogue' After Paul Manafort Complaint

Trump Rips Robert Mueller As 'Prosecutor Gone Rogue' After Paul Manafort Complaint

Manafort, though he has not made public statements since then, was thought to be the star cooperator in the special counsel's ongoing probe into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible coordination with the Trump campaign.

"He's either a pathological liar who is incapable of telling the truth and thinks he can outsmart prosecutors, or he's hoping for a pardon", Rocah said.

The judge in DC District Court who received the update Monday night has not yet weighed in, and a sentencing for Manafort's guilty plea has not yet been scheduled.

Both sides ask the judge to now move Manafort's case toward sentencing.

But with prosecutors saying he breached the agreement, Manafort now faces serious repercussions such as the possibility of prosecution on additional charges, including the 10 felony counts dropped when he made the deal.

"After signing the plea agreement, Manafort committed federal crimes by lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Special Counsel's Office on a variety of subject matters, which constitute breaches of the agreement", Mueller's office said.

Judge Randolph Moss reminded Papadopoulos that he had already waived his right to an appeal and that two other judges had upheld the legality of the Mueller appointment.

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Manafort's attorneys disputed the special counsel's characterization and said their client "provided information to the government in an effort to live up to his cooperation obligations", the filing added.

Giuliani, who last week called for an end to the Russian Federation probe, denied he was making a case for a pardon of Manafort."This has nothing to do with a pardon", he said.

The breakdown comes at the same time that another cooperator in the Mueller investigation, George Papadopoulos, unsuccessfully sought to postpone his jail term, in the hope that an appeals court would overturn his sentence. The special counsel has done a lot of work for nothing - or at best, nothing the DoJ couldn't have accomplished on its own regarding Manafort and his ex-partner Rick Gates. By pleading guilty, Manafort avoided a second trial on charges that he failed to disclose his lobbying in Washington on behalf of the Ukrainian government, and that he laundered money.

Earlier Monday, former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos reported to a prison in Wisconsin to serve a 14-day sentence for lying to investigators.

Trump says that when the Mueller investigation ends it will become evident that people were treated "horribly" and "viciously" and that people's lives are being ruined for refusing to lie.

Mueller's condemnation of Manafort stands in stark contrast to his filing this month about Manafort's former right-hand man, Rick Gates.

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