White House to restore Acosta's pass _ with a warning

White House to restore Acosta's pass _ with a warning

White House to restore Acosta's pass _ with a warning

In response, CNN is asking the U.S. District Court for another emergency hearing.

After a federal judge ordered that Acosta's credentials be temporarily restored Friday, the White House sent Acosta a letter saying they had made the "preliminary decision" to suspend his pass when the judge's order expires. Kelly relied on the D.C. Circuit's ruling in the Sherrill case from 1977 in issuing his order on Friday. He did not rule on CNN's argument that the revocation of Acosta's press pass was a violation of his and the network's First Amendment rights.

President Donald Trump watches as a White House aide reaches to take away a microphone from CNN journalist Jim Acosta during a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

"You asked a question and the president answered it", the letter said.

These include allowing only a single question from each journalist.

The report says that CNN had meant to "resolve this dispute amicably" by working with the White House and the White House Correspondents' Association "to establish protocols" for press conferences "on a going forward basis". Due process would give Acosta and CNN the chance to rebut and challenge the appropriateness of the government's action.

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CNN's lawyers had signaled a willingness to settle after prevailing in court on Friday.

Dan Gainor of Media Research Center says Acosta is already getting on his colleagues' nerves - although publicly they all say they support his antics. Instead, the letter from Shine and Sanders was an "attempt to provide retroactive due process", the filing alleged.

They are seeking a hearing "for the week of November 26, 2018, or as soon thereafter as possible", according to the court filing.

Such move would likely spark more litigation against the White House.

The attorney for CNN and Acosta claimed in a Monday court filing that the White House was attempting to punish Acosta based on "retroactive" application of rules that aren't written and requested a hearing for the week of November 26. "Jim Acosta and CNN will continue to report the news about the White House and the President". CNN filed new papers today accusing the Trump administration of violating their constitutional rights by planning to punish Acosta retroactively by applying rules of decorum that aren't written. Trump said he'd kick Acosta put of press conferences if he "misbehaves" going forward.

Ms Sanders called his behaviour "absolutely unacceptable", and later tweeted a video of the incident that others said was "doctored".

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