Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions

Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions

Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions

US President Donald Trump has told reporters that he has completed written answers to questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller probing into the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections, but has not actually turned them in.

The president said he had not yet submitted his answers to investigators.

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Friday that he answered the questions "very easily" this week but added that "you have to always be careful".

The source would not explicitly say whether the President answered those questions other than to say that there are "responses" to all of the questions that were asked. Giuliani has said Trump will answer questions on possible collusion with Russian Federation during the election, but will not respond to questions over potential obstruction of justice committed by the president.

Trump and his lawyers had been in negotiations with Mueller's team for months over how the president would be questioned as part of the investigation.

And in a case spun off by Mueller, Michael Cohen, who was the billionaire developer's vice president and fixer at the Trump Organization, pleaded guilty in NY to charges related to hush payments made to women who claimed affairs with Trump.

"I'm sure they are tricked up because they like to catch people - was the weather sunny or rainy", Trump said Friday of the questions. There's also the criticism he's getting over his choice for acting attorney general, as well as late-arriving election results that have largely been tipping toward House Democrats.

On Thursday the president let loose a tirade against Mueller on Twitter, alleging the investigation by the former FBI director was politically biased and had used threats against witnesses. The investigators don't care "how many lives they can ruin", he wrote.

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Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and named Sessions' chief of staff Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general on November 7.

Mr Whitaker has been a vocal opponent of the special counsel probe.

Lindsey Graham in a meeting that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation will proceed, according to a person familiar with the meeting.

Democrats and a number of Republicans have raised concerns about Whitaker's appointment, with a bipartisan group of USA senators renewing a push for legislation to protect the special counsel.

The renewed focus on the looming threat from Mueller comes as Trump settles back into the day-to-day routines of governing after the whirlwind campaign in which he spent weeks in front of adoring rally crowds while whipping up his base with harsh rhetoric about migrants moving through Mexico.

Trump went on to dismiss the investigation, which he has repeatedly called illegal and threatened to shut down, attacking it this week as a national "disgrace".

Even as Trump mused in the West Wing about making staffing changes, he pushed back against media coverage of his recent setbacks.

In 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russian Federation had used a state-authorised campaign of cyber attacks and fake news stories planted on social media in an attempt to turn the election against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

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