Stan Lee: The Real Superhero Of Marvel Entertainment

Stan Lee: The Real Superhero Of Marvel Entertainment

Stan Lee: The Real Superhero Of Marvel Entertainment

Born Stanley Lieber in 1922, Lee began his career in comics as a gofer/Guy Friday, thanks to his uncle Robbie Solomon.

Marvel Comics luminary, the man responsible for creating dozens of comic book characters, and one of the best cameo actors in all of cinema history Stan Lee has sadly died.

Stan Lee will make a posthumous cameo in the upcoming Avengers 4 following his death on Monday at age 95. Is Armie's entire Twitter feed clogged with celebrities posting lingerie-clad thirst trap selfies and then writing "RIP Stan Lee?". "The scale of his imagination was only exceeded by the size of his heart".

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Lee and his collaborators churned out hit after hit and he took over at Marvel in the 1960s, creating the "Marvel Universe" - all of the heroes existed in the same time and story crossovers were frequent. "Excelsior forevermore." - Filmmaker, comic book devotee and Stan Lee friend Kevin Smith, via Instagram.

Here are just some of the tributes that have been paid to Mr Lee, including some from those who we worked with in the hugely successful Marvel movies. "I presumed it was a made up name for the comic book". Fans can find him in any Marvel movie, as he's made cameo appearances in all of them. They had love and money worries and endured tragic flaws or feelings of insecurity. "It seemed like a tradition you should not break, even though it was the first one", Feige said of the day on the set of 2000's X-Men. He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives. Lee's characters have brought much joy and inspiration to people all over the world. Entertainment are saddened by the loss of our friend and mentor Stan Lee, the father of pop culture. The Mumbai Police also jumped in to pay tribute to Lee and tweeted with the hashtag #StanLeeForever.

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