I'm a Celebrity: Harry Redknapp, Sair Khan and Nick Knowles in line-up

I'm a Celebrity: Harry Redknapp, Sair Khan and Nick Knowles in line-up

I'm a Celebrity: Harry Redknapp, Sair Khan and Nick Knowles in line-up

New I'm a Celebrity contestant Harry Redknapp has said his family thinks he is "mad" for signing up to take part in the ITV reality show, with the football manager revealing he has never actually watched the programme.

"There's nothing tougher than being a manager of a football team when things aren't going well", he explained.

"So no, I don't think doing this will be tougher".

Redknapp said he will not mind missing meals but will struggle to be without his wife.

Barrowman, who is the bookmakers' current favourite to win the show's title, said: "I would be over the moon if I won". We do everything together.

ITV Governess Anne, 60, joins Harry as a favourite to be voted in for the trials, but as she is also predicted to be the furthest-progressing female on the show, she may be given an easier ride by the public.

Meanwhile, contestant Sair Khan is set to cause a shake-up on Coronation Street with her temporary exit for the reality programme. "I know it's a game and I am not going in to be a misery". I am such a goof, I am always laughing, being cheeky and I don't take myself too seriously. They put me in a coffin in a drawer and I couldn't do it.

Doctor Who actor John, 51, is now the favourite to win the entire series already with odds at 11/4, while DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles is hotly tipped to be the first voted out of the hugely-popular reality competition at 7/2.

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Knowles, 56, is single but has ruled out finding love in the jungle.

English singer who appeared on The X Factor twice.

The 31-year-old, who has a long-term partner, said she is looking forward to showing people who she is when she is not performing.

But he confessed he was dreading any coffin-style challenges.

"I have been with Sandra for 54 years and I hate being away from her".

The 25-year-old, who has a girlfriend, is not too anxious about the creepy crawlies but thinks the boredom will be his biggest struggle. That might be the challenge that is most fearful for me.

Harry Redknapp, who's secured, by all accounts, a £500,000 deal, one of the biggest ever to go on the show.

The single star has Asperger's but does not want her fellow celebrities to feel sorry for her. "I would be the King or Queen of the Jungle".

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