The Quick Read on Jeff Sessions' Resignation as Attorney General

The Quick Read on Jeff Sessions' Resignation as Attorney General

The Quick Read on Jeff Sessions' Resignation as Attorney General

And just when you think Baldwin would make his return as Trump, we get a different surprise: Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller.

After the election, the governor declined to accept a position in President Trump's administration, citing his preference to remain in New Jersey until his term as governor was complete.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says her party's use of subpoena power when Democrats take back control of the House will be "very strategic". McConnell said that's not needed because the probe will be allowed to finish.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) echoed other Democrats' concerns saying that Whitaker should come before the Senate Judiciary Committee as soon as possible.

"The president decides who serves in the cabinet". "They're making a big effort to suppress the vote for those likely to vote as a Democrat".

Last year, while serving as Sessions' chief of staff, Whitaker shared an article urging Trump's attorneys not to cooperate with the "Mueller lynch mob".

One of the exceptions, Senator Susan Collins, said non-interference in the Mueller probe was "imperative". "The appointment of Mr. Whitaker is further clouded by unresolved constitutional questions about the legality of such an action".

"Therefore, Whitaker can not serve as acting Attorney General ..."

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In an interview with NPR, Alberto Gonzales, who served as attorney general from 2005 to 2007, also said that critical comments made by Whitaker about Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election "calls into question his impartiality". The report also states that the investigation began as early as June 2017.

This week's cold open for Saturday Night Live strayed away from the midterm elections from earlier this week and chose to focus on Jeff Sessions leaving his post as Attorney General.

Vice President Mike Pence comes to give his farewell to Sessions, and Sessions confesses he is confused as to why he was sacked.

His appointment was greeted by protests calling for the protection of the Mueller probe, which potentially threatens the president and his family.

While some speculated the "46" in his Twitter handle MattWhitaker46 referred to a future run at president-Trump is the 45th USA president-it ostensibly refers to his jersey number, 46, when he played with the Iowa Hawkeyes football team from 1989 to 1982. Trump denies collusion and calls the investigation a partisan witch hunt.

I do not know what advice Rosenstein and Wray would give Whitaker. "I mean, I know Matt Whitaker", Trump told Fox News last month. "The matter of Whitaker is controversial and subject to dispute, but I think Rosenstein's recusal is not a matter of dispute".

Thanking Sessions for his service, Romney said that it was "imperative that the important work of the Justice Department continues, and that the Mueller investigation proceeds to its conclusion unimpeded". I let it just go on.

"The left is trying to sow this theory that essentially Russians interfered with the USA election, which has been proven false", he said on the Chosen Generation Radio Show in March 2017, in contradiction of the conclusion of the entire United States intelligence apparatus, some of which he would oversee as acting attorney general.

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