Trump limits asylum, says people must 'come in legally'

Trump limits asylum, says people must 'come in legally'

Trump limits asylum, says people must 'come in legally'

The rule, which prevents migrants from claiming asylum if they do not do so at an official border crossing, is the latest attempt by the White House to handle a surge in migration to the US from the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Immigrants would have to apply for asylum status at designated points of entry, and those already in the country illegally would not be able to apply.

Those seeking political or other kinds of asylum - almost all of them coming from impoverished and violent crime-plagued countries of Central America - will be heard exclusively at the border crossings, administration officials told journalists.

President Donald Trump has signed a proclamation to deny asylum to migrants who enter the United States illegally through the U.S. -Mexico border.

The interim final rule asserts that the administration can effect these changes under its regulatory authority, but in fact the rule represents an unlawful attempt to change the letter of the statute by regulation.

Migrants who show up at ports of entry demanding asylum would still be permitted. The proclamation puts into place regulations adopted Thursday that circumvent laws stating that anyone is eligible for asylum no matter how he or she enters the country.

It was published last night and awaiting the president's signature.

Senior administration officials hope the effort to make asylum claims more orderly will help speed up the process of assessing and adjudicating the claims.

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Slate reported on November 5 that Kavanaugh has declined to "run interference" for Trump in three of his early rulings - when he declined to rule on the controversial citizenship question on the 2020 Census; when he did not publicly share his vote on the deposition of former commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and stayed mum on the court's decision to punt the legality of the citizenship question to a circuit court.

"These restrictions are illegal - asylum is a legal right regardless of how someone enters the country", RAICES, an immigrant legal services organisation in Texas, said in a statement.

The goal appears to be to try to siphon would-be illegal immigrants to those ports of entry and away from jumping the border. It said the automatic denial of asylum claims to illegal border-crossers would continue for 90 days or until there is an agreement which "permits the United States to remove aliens to Mexico".

According to a report by the rights group Washington Office on Latin America, requests for asylum from migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras increased by 25 per cent in the fiscal year 2017.

Trump has also expressed an interest in ending birthright citizenship to those born to non-citizens and for ending the the so-called DACA protections of those who've been in the US for years but were brought into the country illegally while children.

About 4,800 migrants are sheltered in a sports complex in Mexico City, some 965 kilometres from the US border. The caravan is now around 600 miles from the United States.

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