Growing lottery jackpots to tempt players this week

Growing lottery jackpots to tempt players this week

Growing lottery jackpots to tempt players this week

"This is the one!" exclaimed Long Island Rail Road train conductor Dana Rizzuto, 49, of East Islip, LI, as she forked over the cash for her $2 ticket in Penn Station.

Before the odds of winning a Mega Millions jackpot was one in 302 million, they were one in 259 million. The $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot in January 2016 remains the largest jackpot ever.

What are the odds of winning?

Powerball also is played in Puerto Rico.

What's the difference between the games?

A Floresville resident claimed a little over $5 million from a Mega Millions ticket purchased at a San Antonio corner store.

For Powerball, players pick five numbers and a Powerball number between one and 26.

In San Diego, roofer and dishwasher Guillermo Carrillo, 42, said he dreams of buying a house for his mother in his native Guatemala. Lines to buy tickets are stretching out the doors of some retailers. Customers can find locations here. It was the 25th drawing in a row that did not result in a victor.

Russ Lopez, who is spokesman for the California Lottery, told AP that tickets were going "very, very quickly" on Saturday.

Winning tickets up to $5,000 can be redeemed at any Maryland Lottery Expanded Cashing Authority Program (XCAP) retailer, at the lottery's Baltimore office or at Maryland casinos.

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The North Dakota Lotto America is at $10.1 million, as of Sunday. Officials at that time also increased the chances of winning small prizes. "I was born without a kidney and my mom needed to have one removed". That prize was up to $620 million as of Tuesday morning, with an estimated cash value of $354.3 million, according to the game's website. If a single victor is chosen, they stand to take home a $906 million lump sum after taxes are taken off of the top of the $1.6 billion jackpot.

The lottery fever sweeping the United States has some billionaire hopefuls feeling anxious: Can a record jackpot in your pocket be too much of a good thing? After federal taxes and state deductions, which vary across the country, winners will generally end up with around half that amount to pay for their yacht shopping.

In fact, Canadians - and anyone in the world with internet access or ability to travel quickly - can press their luck on the big one no matter their citizenship.

SC is one of eight states - along with Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and Texas - where winners can remain anonymous.

Should I seek legal or financial advice if I win?

"Get some good advice, get a good financial adviser, good lawyer, tax accountant, all that", he added.

When are the next drawings?

It could happen as soon as Tuesday night, when the next drawing is held.

The chances of winning the prize are so minuscule that the old tropes about being more likely to be struck by lightning aren't even relevant (you are thousands of times more likely to be struck by lightning in your life than win the Mega millions).

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