Trump says America owes Kavanaugh apology after Supreme Court battle

Trump says America owes Kavanaugh apology after Supreme Court battle

Trump says America owes Kavanaugh apology after Supreme Court battle

"On behalf of our nation, I want to apologise to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the bad pain and suffering you have been forced to endure", Trump said at a White House ceremonial swearing in ceremony of Kavanaugh.

After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford shared her testimony in before the Senate Judiciary Committee ahead of the confirmation now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the country - and the world - responded first with disappointment and now hope and support.

He tells reporters aboard Air Force One, "I just can't leave now". "I think we all need to be, so I'm not going to dwell on the 'what ifs'".

Grassley said the controversy over Kavanaugh should not hurt the new justice's credibility on the court. Every litigant in the Supreme Court can be assured that I will listen to their arguments with respect and an open mind.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is warning Democrats to think carefully about "presidential harassment" if they win the majority of the House.

The Iowa Republican said that's only fair since the Senate would not consider then-President Barack Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016.

Speaking before boarding the Marine One helicopter on the White House south lawn, Trump predicted the attack on Kavanaugh would cost the opposition party in next month's nationwide congressional elections.

"We'll see if there's a vacancy in 2020", McConnell said.

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But critics said Mr Kavanaugh's demeanor before the Senate Judiciary Committee raised questions about his temperament and potential political bias in deciding cases.

Appointed by President Donald Trump, Kavanaugh's confirmation cemented a conservative majority on the court that could last for years.

"The Senate confirmation process was contentious and emotional", Kavanaugh said.

And both sides are using the fight around Kavanaugh to rally their bases to the ballot box in the midterm election - with Democrats slamming his judicial temperament and Republicans labeling him a victim. Two other women also accused him of sexual misconduct.

ActBlue - an online fundraising platform for Democrats - raised almost $10 million on October 5 - the day the Senate held a procedural vote on moving Kavanaugh's nomination forward - and another $9 million on October 6, the day the upper chamber formally confirmed him.

It's that political reality that democratic Senator Joe Manchin lives in as he faces a re-election fight against West Virginia State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. Kavanaugh faced multiple allegations of decades-old sexual misconduct as the Senate considered his nomination.

The former dean of Yale Law School, from which Kavanaugh graduated, wrote he was "shell-shocked" by the judge's forceful testimony denying sexual assault allegations and decrying what he called a concerted effort by liberal enemies, including the Clintons.

Kyle Kondik, managing editor of the University of Virginia's election-prognosticating Sabato's Crystal Ball, said that Trump's appearance here isn't likely to have much of an effect on the outcome of the three House races.

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