Expect heavy traffic as Maggie tours Melania around the city

Expect heavy traffic as Maggie tours Melania around the city

Expect heavy traffic as Maggie tours Melania around the city

Melania was visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi when she was photographed in khaki pants and a pith helmet.

The US First Lady then visited Chipala Primary in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe. She delighted in holding babies and held hands with older children, who sang and danced.

"That's another book? You have great taste", Melania was heard telling the young boy who was reading the story to the audience. To say her visit didn't get off to a warm start would be an understatement. She also spotted two of the so-called "Big Five" safari animals: rhino and buffalo.

"I was happy that she wanted to interact more, I'm happy that she even went ahead and fed an elephant which I did not expect", said Project Manager and Head Keeper Edwin Lusichi.

But on Thursday, it was the US First Lady's turn to be on the receiving end of an uncomfortable message.

The president praised his wife while she is overseas, saying, "The people love her, and she loves them! It is a lovely thing to see".

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Soon she was petting and stroking the elephants, smiling and laughing and having a good time.

The first lady also stopped at a site where ivory burns take place - a conservationist effort meant to discourage the ivory trade.

A Twitter hashtag, #FLOTUSinAfricaBingo, has also being going viral online, where users have been poking fun at Melania's questionable choices while visiting Ghana, Egypt, Kenya and Malawi.

Donald Trump had earlier in an infamous comment referred to African nations as "shithole countries".

After the elephant feeding, she added the pith helmet to her outfit, and social media began to light up.

Trump had decried lifting the ban as a "horror show", but he did not intervene after the agency announced that the importation of elephant trophies will be approved on a "case-by-case basis". "It is sad to see this", she told her guide, after picking up a handful of the ash.

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