Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 packs a 2TB SSD and improved display

Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 packs a 2TB SSD and improved display

Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 packs a 2TB SSD and improved display

Not only does it come in a new "oxide transistor" color, the Surface Studio 2 now features a Pascal GPU with "6 TFLOPS" of performance, which should put it around a GTX 1070.

But Tuesday is all about Microsoft (MSFT), which unveiled a slew of devices ahead of the holiday shopping season.

The first Surface desktop, an iMac competitor focused on creativity, was introduced in October 2016. Unfortunately, the device won't get USB Type-C ports will supposedly incorporate a mini-Display port, the Surface Connector, and the normal USB-A port.

At Microsoft's Surface event the company announced a brand-new accessory, the Surface Headphones. If you want to get your hands on it, it's available for preorder starting today. USB-C still - surprisingly - isn't supported.

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It also has the "thinnest touchscreen display on any laptop", according to Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay. Pre-orders for the device do not seem to be available as of writing. There's also a possibility to see a new Surface Studio at Microsoft's event on October 2nd. Microsoft also says it's easy to toggle between laptop, studio and tablet mode.

Surface Pro series has been a benchmark for the high-end mobile PCs. At that event, Microsoft showed off how the new Surfaces could make users more productive at home, at work and on the go.

The report continues by noting that a new internal design should improve battery life, with Microsoft saying it should last you for nearly 14 hours.

Frankly, I'm not sure if such minimal changes warrant giving the name Surface Pro 6 to. The company may also bring the successor to the Surface Laptop that debuted in May past year and was launched in India last month. The original version suffered from a couple of issued though, including being launched right at the tail end of NVIDIA's Maxwell generation of GPUs, meaning as soon as it was available, it was also pretty much out of date. (Apple allows such an integration for its iMessage service.) You can also integrate a To-Do list with, and drag an item into an open slot on your calendar to block time to finish it. Today Microsoft is fixing numerous original complaints though.

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