Kim-Moon's 3rd summit from September 18 in North Korea's Pyongyang

Kim-Moon's 3rd summit from September 18 in North Korea's Pyongyang

Kim-Moon's 3rd summit from September 18 in North Korea's Pyongyang

President Donald Trump is touting a show of faith from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the loyalty of his aides comes into question in the wake of an anonymous New York Times op-ed that undermines his presidency.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Wednesday invited President Moon Jae-in for another summit in Pyongyang on September 18-20.

Chung said Kim professed "unwavering trust for President Trump" despite recent diplomatic tensions between the United States and North Korea. Trump is referencing his effort to get Kim to denuke his country, though reports indicate that, since their made-for-TV summit, the opposite has been going on in North Korea.

A separate account by North Korean state media said Kim told the delegation that he wanted progress on denuclearization, without mentioning the US or Trump.

South Korea's National Security Office Director Chung Eui-yong, who led the special delegation to Pyongyang on Wednesday, told this to the media in Seoul on Thursday.

Trump and Kim pledged to denuclearise the Korean peninsula at the Singapore summit in June but no details were agreed.

The North Korean leader said he is willing to cooperate with both Seoul and Washington on denuclearisation, according to the envoy.

"Chairman Kim. expressed frustration over the doubt shown by some parts of the worldwide society about his will", he said, according to Reuters. Kim said he'd take "more active" measures toward denuclearisation if his moves are met with corresponding goodwill measures, Chung said.

Trump canceled a North Korea trip by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo last month, a day after it was announced, citing a lack of progress.

"Second, Chairman Kim Jong Un reconfirmed his determination to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and expressed his willingness for close cooperation not only with the South but also with the United States in that regard", Chung said.

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Kim noted the dismantlement of his country's only known nuclear test site in Punggye-ri has left the country with no means to stage any more nuclear tests.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump held a landmark summit in Singapore in June, in which they agreed to work toward complete denuclearization. We haven't had any nuclear tests, we haven't had any missile tests, which we consider a great thing. And it won't until Pyongyang gives up its nuclear weapons, the US says.

"If needed, we should pull forward the negotiations for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula with the development in relations between the South and North", Chung said.

Pompeo declined to comment Thursday on what the next steps are for US diplomacy with North Korea.

"It is the case that there is still an enormous amount of work to do", Pompeo told a news conference in New Delhi.

A peace declaration could put the a tricky position.

Mr Kim was also pleased to receive a personal letter from Mr Moon, delivered by Mr Chung, KCNA added.

The trove of comments from Mr. Kim was filtered through his propaganda specialists in Pyongyang and the South Korean government, which is keen on keeping engagement alive.

The Korean War ended with an armistice agreement, which technically leaves the peninsula at war.

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