Iconic Actor Burt Reynolds Dies at Age 82

Iconic Actor Burt Reynolds Dies at Age 82

Iconic Actor Burt Reynolds Dies at Age 82

Filmmaker and geek icon Kevin Smith took to social media today to praise action movie legend Burt Reynolds, who passed away today at age 82. In 2010, he underwent a quintuple heart bypass one year after entering rehab to end a reliance on a prescription drug habit acquired after back surgery.

He shot to fame in the 1972 film, Deliverance, and starred in Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights and The Cannonball Run.

"It didn't make as much money as a lot of the others", Reynolds said.

Reynolds was married twice and has one son, Quentin, with ex-wife Loni Anderson.

He had a long relationship with his "Smokey and the Bandit" co-star Sally Field. The actor became well known amongst audiences for his fun-loving, good-ol'-boy roles.

Burton Leon Reynolds Jnr was born on February 11, 1936, and grew up in Florida.

Reynold's singular, inimitable brand of suave masculinity slowly went out of popular style over the years, and a string of recent auctions featuring his possessions would indicate a few financial struggles along the way.

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"Reynolds" biggest early success on the silver screen was in 1972's Deliverance, in which he played one of four male friends whose backwoods canoeing trip goes seriously awry.

Reynolds was a winking, macho star both on TV and on the silver screen, collecting hundreds of credits and earning acclaim from fans and critics alike. His acting career began on television in the 1950s before moving into film.

College football commentator Lee Corso has been known to joke about the fact that he and Reynolds were roommates at Florida State. When it comes to his legacy, the actor said he knows exactly how he wants to be remembered: "He worked hard, he was always on time and knew his lines, and he tried really hard to be a good guy".

Reynolds had been offered the part of Han Solo, actually, and turned it down, just as he'd turned down the role of James Bond, and would later turn down Pretty Woman.

Actor Wesley Snipes referenced a line from Smokey And The Bandit in his tribute to Reynolds.

A versatile yet consistently handsome actor, Reynolds earned an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in 1991's Boogie Nights playing porn mogul Jack Horner and won two Golden Globes in his career.

"I think mostly because he was young and full of himself", Reynolds said of Anderson in a GQ interview in 2015.

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