Woman fined $156 for wearing face veil in Denmark

Woman fined $156 for wearing face veil in Denmark

Woman fined $156 for wearing face veil in Denmark

Both women were charged with disturbing the peace.

The woman was slapped with a fine of 1,000 Danish kroner ($210) and requested to either remove the veil or leave the premises.

The woman in the veil encountered another female who tried to tear it off, resulting in a minor scuffle.

Should the woman refuse to pay the 1,000 kroner fine, the case will be sent on to the courts.

The episode took place in the center of Hørsholm center where the woman with niqab came up to top with another woman by an escalator in the center.

Mr Borcher said: 'During the fight her niqab came off, but by the time we arrived she had put it back on again'. They took a photograph of the woman and obtained security camera footage of the incident.

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Those caught wearing such coverings face a fine of 1,000 kroner, while repeat offenders can face fines of 10,000 kroner.

Denmark's ban on niqabs and other full-face coverings in public spaces went into effect on August 1, drawing condemnation from many who say the law is a form of religious discrimination.

The law also prohibits accessories that hide the face such as balaclavas, masks and false beards.

Civil liberties campaigners and Muslim women's advocacy groups have argued that the ban is discriminatory.

Critics see the law - approved by parliament in May - as encouraging anti-immigrant sentiments, pointing to the very small number of Muslim women in Denmark who actually wear full-face veils.

"Whilst some specific restrictions on the wearing of full face veils for the purposes of public safety may be legitimate, this blanket ban is neither necessary nor proportionate and violates women's rights to freedom of expression and religion", said Fotis Filippou, Amnesty's deputy Europe director.

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