CBS CEO faces inquiry over misconduct allegations

CBS CEO faces inquiry over misconduct allegations

CBS CEO faces inquiry over misconduct allegations

The allegations included sexual assault and unwanted advances. Rose apologized for inappropriate behavior but questioned the accuracy of some of the accounts. His accusers include actress Illeana Douglas, producer Christine Peters and "a prominent actress who played a police officer on a long-running CBS program". "It was very fast". She later said she had to leave, and when she walked over to give him a kiss on the cheek, he grabbed her and "shoved his tongue down my throat", she said.

Farrow speaks to six women who describe instances where the CBS CEO sexually harassed them, four of whom describe what seemed to be a "practiced routine" of forced touching and kissing in the workplace. We hope the truth will emerge - for the sake of any of the women Moonves allegedly harmed, and for the sake of Ben Gurion's memory.

When she told Scorsese about the incident and said that she wanted to sue Moonves, he "urged her to be cautious about taking legal action against such a powerful person" but then did refer her to his lawyer.

"He has gotten away with it for decades".

"It'll just be between you and me". "He has gotten away with it for decades", the writer Janet Jones, who alleges that she had to shove Moonves off her after he forcibly kissed her at a work meeting, told me.

In TV circles, there have been rumors of an impending Farrow story about Moonves for the past six months. The women said they did not come forward sooner over fear of retaliation from Moonves and CBS.

In a statement provided to the New Yorker and subsequently given to TIME, Moonves acknowledged he erred in the past, but said he never misused his power at the network.

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All six women also said that when they rejected Moonves, their careers suffered as a result.

'Ms Redstone has acted to undermine CBS's highly lauded and successful management team in a series of escalating attacks, including by talking to potential CEO replacements without Board approval and deriding executives, ' declares another.

The 48-year-old wrote in a statement on Twitter, that she has known him since the mid-90's, and has been his wife for fourteen years. Chen tweeted on Friday that she stands by Moonves and that he is a "good man and a loving father, devoted husband and inspiring corporate leader". The CBS chief has been a towering figure in television for decades, credited with turning around a network that had been mired for years at the bottom ratings. Moonves is now in pitched battle over the future of his company with Shari Redstone, the National Amusements chair with controlling shares in both CBS and Viacom.

The "prominent actress" said she never worked for CBS ever again.

The directors' statement said that "all allegations of personal misconduct are to be taken seriously", and that the group would investigate any claims that violated the company's policies. Farrow told ABC News that his latest piece is "about six women who did an incredibly fearless thing: overcoming tremendous fear of retaliation to speak about their experiences with Moonves". CBS disagrees with their assessment. "We are seeing vigorous discourse in our country about equality, inclusion and safety in the workplace, and CBS is committed to being part of the solution to those important issues".

Time will tell if Moonves will fall like Ailes, Lauer, Rose and many others.

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