U.S. Senate backs non-binding tariff measure, minor…

U.S. Senate backs non-binding tariff measure, minor…

U.S. Senate backs non-binding tariff measure, minor…

Corker concluded that the vote indicates "strong support" for giving Congress a larger role on tariffs. Trump has said Germany and other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries should contribute more money and manpower to the alliance.

All have had exports to the U.S. targeted by an obscure national-security trade penalty, U.S. Sen.

Trump's multi-front trade war, they charged, is killing jobs in the USA and driving friends away, just when they're needed to counter the real economic menace: China.

The Senate signaled for the first time Wednesday that it is ready to push back on President Donald Trump's tariffs. He said he would do everything in his power to defeat any efforts to rescind them, but said he agreed that Congress should have a role when the tariffs are determined.

"It's not just an abuse of power ... it's also, I know, offensive to the Canadian people", Corker told the National Post later about the steel tariffs.

But Republican congressional leaders - who control majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives and support most Trump policies - have not allowed a binding vote on the measure, settling instead only for a symbolic vote Wednesday.

The measure was prompted by Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum that overwhelmingly affected US allies.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a resolution reaffirming USA support for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on Tuesday.

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Several senators said Trump was making it hard to work with allies to counter China.

He added that "we will continue pushing for a binding vote on this legislation in the near future".

"In addition to diminishing the economic benefits of the administration's successful tax and regulatory policies, these tariffs - and resulting trade retaliation from other countries - will continue to impose tremendous costs on USA businesses and workers, erode US global competitiveness and economic growth, and undermine key USA economic and security relationships".

Brown said he was voting in favor of the non-binding measure because Congress "should have a role in all trade policy".

"From the imposition of tariffs by abusing Section 232 authorities to threats to withdraw from long-standing trade agreements such as NAFTA, these actions are hurting our business and farm communities all around the country", Corker said.

He said the Trump administration needs to "explain to us where this is going".

But Corker said it's hard to tell what the White House really has in mind. "It may take a while, but if you don't do it, you don't achieve the ultimate goal in being treated equally in our trade relations".

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