Jordan says return of displaced Syrians in southern Syria is top priority

Jordan says return of displaced Syrians in southern Syria is top priority

Jordan says return of displaced Syrians in southern Syria is top priority

Only 150-200 displaced Syrians remained near the Naseeb crossing on Monday, UN official Anders Peterson told Jordanian state news on Sunday.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi held talks on Wednesday in Moscow, where he warned a humanitarian crisis threatened to unfold on the border and said a ceasefire was urgently needed.

Troops captured the Naseeb border crossing a day earlier, after rebels announced they had reached an agreement with Russian mediators to end the violence in the southern province of Daraa and surrender the crossing.

He said Syrian and Russian jets had pummeled towns across the south-west and villages near the border crossing in the past few weeks.

"Here, too, if there is a violation, and certainly in the southern Syrian region which is close to the citizens of the State of Israel, and a bringing of weaponry that should not be there, Israel will take action", Erdan said.

"The military incursion into Um al-Mayazin came after opposition fighters there rejected the agreement", Mr Abdel Rahman said.

On Thursday, the rebels' joint operations room in the south said it would be willing to resume talks.

Jordan and Israel have both said they would not let refugees in.

All areas along the Syrian-Jordanian border will be under the direct control of Syrian government forces, SANA reported.

Under the deal, rebels agreed to hand over their heavy weapons.

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Rebel sources said the deal brokered by Russian Federation would allow civilians to return to their villages and towns, with Russian Federation guaranteeing their protection.

"The agreement includes a cessation of hostilities by both sides", he added, without saying when the reported deal would go into effect.

A Daesh militant group affiliate, which holds a small pocket in the southwest of Daraa, is excluded from the deal.

Nabaa Media, an opposition activist collective, said the latest government assault on the area killed several people in the previous 24 hours including a woman and her four children in a rebel-held village in Daraa.

The victory further cements a Russian-engineered turnaround for Assad, which has handed him back control over what the French once called "La Syrie utile"-the string of major cities running from Aleppo down past Damascus and the country's Mediterranean coastline".

The deal between rebels and Russian Federation announced for Daraa is the latest in a string of such accords to see Damascus regain control of rebel-held areas.

"This is to force rebels to return to negotiations".

Meanwhile on Saturday, some 400 displaced people who had been living in Lebanon near the northeastern border town of Arsal returned home to war-torn Syria. The non-state sanctioned move comes after months of increasing rhetoric from some political parties in the country keen to see refugees return to so-called "safe zones".

"The deal was the best we could achieve to save the lives of our fighters", Hussein Abazeed, a rebel spokesperson, told AFP on Friday.

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