Russia summit could impact Western alliance

Russia summit could impact Western alliance

Russia summit could impact Western alliance

The Syrian conflict will take center stage during the much anticipated summit between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in July.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton in Moscow, Russia June 27, 2018.

Trump said he planned to address election integrity when the two leaders come face to face in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16.

He said Putin said: "There was no meddling in 2016 by the Russian state".

Trump's comments came after he expressed doubt on the United States intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation sought to interfere in the presidential election, adding that Russian Federation did not play a role in the alleged meddling.

Asked by reporters on Air Force One whether reports about him dropping Washington's longstanding opposition to the annexation were true, Trump said, "We're going to have to see".

Peskov also said Putin was ready to move towards normalizing ties with the United States in proportion to USA willingness to do the same.

Bolton on Sunday said that the goal of the meeting is for the leaders "to have a chance sit down, not in the context of some larger multilateral meeting but just the two of them to go over what's on their mind about a whole range of issues", including ongoing tensions in Syria and Ukraine.

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Russia had earlier denied meddling in the United States election campaign and Trump called special counsel Robert Mueller's probe on the Russian interference a "political witch hunt". "We'll be talking about world events", Mr Trump said yesterday.

Responding to reports North Korea is already breaking several terms of denuclearization agreed upon with Trump, Graham said he is also anxious about Trump being too soft with dictator Kim Jong Un.

The summit will take place four days after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit on July 11 and 12 in Brussels, Belgium, where Trump will meet leaders of United States military allies.

But Trump has long supported warmer relations with Russian Federation, and Western diplomats based in Washington have begun to fear that he could make major concessions in Helsinki. "Everything you said about Obama and Iraq, you're going to do in Syria".

The strengthening of Trump's political position this year has made it possible for Trump to renew his friendship with Putin.

Trump also suggested that scrapping sanctions on Russian Federation depended on its actions, including in Syria.

"We'll see what Russian Federation does".

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