Heat advisory this weekend through Monday night

Heat advisory this weekend through Monday night

Heat advisory this weekend through Monday night

TUESDAY: Hazy, hot and humid.

It's extremely hot out there. This is the warmest heat wave of the year, placing over 80 million under heat advisories this Saturday. And there is no immediate reprieve from the heavy heat and humidity.

In parts of OH, where temperatures were expected to reach the mid-90s, July 4th firework shows planned for Saturday were canceled because of the extreme heat.

"The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a unsafe situation in which heat illnesses are likely", the National Weather Service said. The heat index is taken by combining the temperature and the dew point, giving you how the air really feels.

The record-high temperature for July 1 in New York City is 100 degrees. Highs will be in the 95-100 degree range with high levels of humidity.

Sunday's record high is 102, set in 1931.

Forecasters expect similar severe weather, also including the possibility of flash floods, from Kansas to MI on Saturday, when the extreme heat will spread throughout much of the Midwest, UPI reports. This should take temperatures in to the lower/middle 90°s and send the heat index back to the upper 90°s to lower 100°s. By this afternoon, dew points inch up into the low 60s which makes the humidity a bit more of a factor.

Heat Indices on Sunday will exceed 105 degrees at times.

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HEAT INDEX VALUES: As high as 104 to 107. Hot temperatures will last into next week, and possibly right through Independence Day.

This heat can create health problems for some, so here are some tips that can be used to look out for during the first official heat wave of the summer. If you must be outside during the late-morning/afternoon, stay out of the sun as much as possible, seek shade and drink plenty of water.

The National Weather Service notes that consecutive days of unsafe heat and humidity will bring an increased risk for heat related illness.

According to the NWS, the heat index values are projected in the mid to upper 90s today and up to 108 Sunday and Monday. For Independence Day, highs in the low 90s with mostly sunny skies.

Crank up the AC or head to the beach this weekend because it's going to be hot.

Some skin treatments, allergy medicines, psychiatric medicines, antibiotics, vitamins and herbs can also increase vulnerability to heat.

The city plans to keep pools open extra hours into next week in light of weather forecasts calling for high temperatures in the 90s.

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